Lunch Break - 04.25.18 

Uncategory Apr 24, 2018 21:00

This is just nice, not everything has to be gross, OK?

You are you you

Your going downtown no matter what.

heck the police

When Dad says he wants to take a shortcut.

When the Radio says "the roads are gonne be wet due to the heavy rain" but you just ignore them

Nailed it!


This is a reverse robbery!

A pillar of the community

WHO would have thought!?

Weird Owl Yankovic


They need home -!

Rough night.

Monday morning so far...

This is weirdly satisfying.

Hey Imgur! I thought this belonged here with you guys so enjoy!

Two words: meat spin.




No really, NICE TATS.

Japanese woman getting a back tattoo in the mid-1930s.


Accidental accident

They fly among us.

Guns?? How about assassin drones?

Shopping at the 99 cent store.

Once you pop... That's great!

Hitching a ride like a boss.

Just a Seal catching a ride on top of a rudder !!

Choo Choo!

I like trains

A place to hide the sausage.

Who doesn't like sausage?

It is a family thing.

MFW My daughter wants me to match her costume for cosplay

For the win!

Scottland Rocks!!!

So fluffy!!

A tremendous floof

Still doing it though.


When annoying living thing bother you to stop looking at your phone.

leave the phone and Pay attention to me

When she do it FASTER.



you win buddy!

Toddler problems.

Kids crying over nonsense

Just following directions.

All-Purpose Flour

Oh sorry! NSFW.

Mexican hot dog (cd. Juarez)

Ya'll come back now ya hear.

Hope You All Enjoy Some More Epic Gender Bender Cosplays for Your Confusing Pleasure...

Where is the sauce?

When she says she likes pasta

What is it boy!?

Heroes we don’t deserve

He knows what's up.

Elijah Would



"I'm out of here!"

The greatest chase scene ever caught on film was not scripted. Nature will always be more exciting than fiction. 

The roof is on fire. All of them.

What earth has come to....

She just ordered water.

Favorite new  restaurant

That's the way the donut crumbles.'s all right....

It has been a pleasure serving with you.


She works out enough for ALL of us.

Strong/fit girls aren't all "Masculine". Michelle Lewin, ripped and gorgeous!

High five for the hand bra!

The drop dead gorgeous Miss Sara Jean Underwood when she doesn't cover up those amazing freckles.

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