Lunch Break - 04.23.18 

Uncategory Apr 22, 2018 21:00

Message received!

No littering.

How to get a free shower.

Shouldn't have jumped that fence.

Not saying it is aliens, but ALIENS.

this is why NASA don't think that we are alone on this universe .


I haz come back for more!

Just driving to work, nothing to see here.

Yee Yee!

Found a cheaper way to fly!

Flying 'Lawnmower' Using the Magnus Effect

Not that it is any of my business.

Just sayin'

Someone needs to keep their fins together.

Funny Random Meme Dump

They call this a Darwin Cube

Didn't see that coming

Nailed it!


If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.

Jared and Jensen hanging out on the set of The Flash

Nobody stopped drinking because of this.

Pictures from history...

This brings us back to our Little League experience.

Blind dog playing fetch.

That is just the view from a Southwest plane.

Looking down on a thunderstorm from above the clouds

Vwom.... Vwooom, Vwom.

Having fun at work.

Beef slider!

100% All Beef Slider...

The Planeteers are ready.

"Okay, I'm in!"

Goose from Kung Fu Panda.

Invincible goose

When your best friend insists on doing chores for you.

He was upset I stopped throwing snow for him

Jet fuel can't melt steal beams?

Some people just want to watch the world burn

They are training for when things go south.

Relationship goals

Just following directions!

Attempting to run to home plate.

Four points!

At the buzzer...

There is a pool in the backseat.

A custom 1965 Lincoln continental

He did it all for the Instagram likes.

Wedding photography level 100

Firefighters for the win!

Firefighters pet the dogs they rescued from a house fire.

This dog needs to join the Navy Seals ASAP.

The great escape

You mean people do this for free.

You’re mocking me aren’t you

When she give you a kiss.

This cute rabbit , it’s awesome

Why we still drink from Styrofoam cup.

Just as I suspected at Starbucks


Window & FloridaMan - 1:0

This is going to be in the Summer Olympics: Synchronized Dog Walking

Doggo my friend

Cute throuple!

Not every dump needs a theme.


"hold my beer.... Oh wait"

A boom, solid.

Goo boy

Also good for getting peanut butter off the top shelf.

work smarter not harder

Taking photos of random women and putting them next to each other?

Just wanted to show what I’ve been doing the last couple years..

Kid convertible!

My favorite

One lucky duck!

Hot chicks

Survey says: YES! Still would.

Hot chicks in creepy swimsuits

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