Lunch Break - 04.21.18 

Uncategory Apr 20, 2018 21:00

We found heaven and it looks like this.

I don't know about you guys but I'll probably be having a heart attack

He is going to eat some now and put the rest back for later.

My meme. All mine

Holding the beer steady like a boss.

Priorities of a Legend

Dude from Monsters Inc will look good on someone's floor.

Monsters inc.

All part of The Plan.

The plot thickens

That face when you wish it would all just end.

Fluffy Floffs

Dog drawer!


Never complaining about stubbing a toe again.

This man needs a statue

They just assumed he was part of the store.

I am so done!

Cool, now make skull art with a human.


Come at me bro!

"Ready?..Ready?...Ya?...Ya sure?...I can zoom?...I'm gonna zoom!"

One way to have fun in jail.

Cops be ballin out here ..

Kung Fu Hustle for the win,

Birch please

Cheeseburgers having fun.

Cows having fun playing with a hay bale.

Fake News!

Meme Trawl Haul 27

When you stayed up all night and just want to SLEEP.

"Mind the gap."

They said the relationship would never last, well you were WRONG mom!

best friends

Looking solid as The Rock.

Well... They always say fashion is cyclical...

This guy? Nooooo.

Mexican TV show host's sidekick has cocaine fall out of his pocket while dancing.

That is what you get for trying to steal the hammock.

Baby bears playing with hammock

I'm Pickle Rick!

Tiny Morning Dump

Future cars will have cup holders and built-in tissue boxes right in the dashboard.

the future is here

Parents show this to their kids who want to go to art school.

Interview with an Indie Game Developer.

It is like taking an outdoor shower.



Relationship expert

Sega: just give up.

The Three Schools

When you are hungry and just want a bite.


Must be one of those girls that gets paid to just hug people.

Llama let you get back to your day in a sec. But this is one of the cutest things of all time!

Sometimes it is OK to be politically correct?

What can you do?

We hear you bro, we HEAR you.

Paranoid parrot

Didn't even need to get out the peanut butter.

That's enough Yoga... it's time to play now

Who do you think will win?

The greatest man is but a ripple on the surface of space.

Greatest show on TV.

A man for everything.

Guy on right was inside all day looking at Break gallery.

I just want the story about dude on the right.

Nice costume!

Stefanie Giesinger

Never under estimate old man strength.

Old man delivers

We can do this, we choose not to.

When a dump starts off dull, but gets better as I keep scrolling

When she stop too soon.

Why u stahp... bring moar rubz 

If it was the end of the world, this is NOT what we would do.

With all the Syria,US,Russia,Israel shenanigans this week

Nobody will ever be this happy.

Girls in bikinis laying on their backs

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