Lunch Break - 04.20.18 

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"I am so high right now, no really. 200 miles above the Earth."

Shhh 420 in Space

One way to make your abs feel like you worked out.

Such a majestic jump

Suddenly everyone in the town took up playing the banjo.

Tumbleweeds practically bury homes in Southern California town

Why guys never leave the man cave.

"Hey hon, wanna come to the game with me tonight?"

WAIT for it.

When someone steals your lunch

That one person happy to be at work in the morning.

Bouncy Puppy

Dogs are behind in smart phone technology.

"hello this is fox!"

Wait until he discovers bubble wrap.

Did anyone else do this in school?

At the pro level they actually make a lot of money doing this.

Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors

Us at every party, ever.

I wish I'd stayed home ...

Fake News, but funny.

Classic Stevie

Workout buddies!


At least now he doesn't have to worry about getting into college.

Do a flip

You get a time out!

go back home


wait for it

Trying to get a toddler to eat their vegetables.


Snack time!

He protecc, he atacc, he really like to snacc

We need one of these for the tub,.

For those hard to reach places

Need to remember this one.

get bamboozled

Like Tetris for your house.


Nailed it!

MRW I see 20 different Jeremy Clarkson posts in Usersub

Where does she begin and the fail end?

whoops, my phone

People do this so they can feel something.

The defiant. The single. The free. The 100km an hour Pringle.

Elon Musk is working on one of these.

It's worth a shot

Why we stay on the couch.

Today we are going to....

Got to get to work somehow.


She eats cake one ingredient at a time.

A whole stick of butter

Now THAT is a knife!

Tiny man and his flick knife

Finally someone who knows how to PARK.

Frickn' nailed it!

Someone get this guy a band-aid.

Medium rare


True hero!

STUCK the landing!

Are they similar? :))

Hey now!

For Your Classy Viewing Pleasure, Here is Actress and Model Barbara Nichols Posing for a Magazine in 1954.

Done and DONE.

Parents Beat Me To It...

Maybe dragons evolved into horses.


When you try to be part of the group.

I can play too

A true test of loyalty.

That poor good boy

Guess we need to drink a six pack so we can try this!


At least someone is excited for summer.

Love the summer

You know what they say; eat a banana a day!

Healthy Eating 

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