Lunch Break - 04.19.18

Uncategory Apr 18, 2018 21:00

When you starving and he trying to be cute.

It's my treat

True story: animals get grow.

In one year a lot changes and a lot stays the same.

To be fair Rick hasn't had time to brush up on weapons safety.

Nice weapon discipline there, Rick.

That is what the cat tongue is for.


What happened to service with a smile?

Some what stolen meme dump


Can ad placement get any better?

We had to see this, now so too must you!

Hey Usersub!

She said she was bringing home some McNuggets!

Chickens in the bathtub

When you know it is time to get your nails DID.

Just gonna put this here

All the guys are jealous.... wait.

Good son

And are in someone's mouth.

Dump day

Not everyone is excited for summer!

Happy Spring!!!!!

Poo problems.

Every time

Now if they were Samoas!

Everyone's battle is different

Happens every time.

100% Stolen Meme Dump!

They don't look a day older.

I’d go and see it

We still use Netscape.

Suddenly feeling nostalgic.

Living in the future is weird.

Vr physics

Tender kisses!

Heartwarming moment Calaya the gorilla cradles her newborn baby Moke and gently kisses him at the National Zoo

Wakanda forever.

The results are in

Not everyone is a fan.

You Sing Very..

Cheaper than taking the plane.

Meanwhile in Canada?

They need to start padding trees.

Rope swing straight at the tree WCGW?

The last time they bring mom to the park.

Gymnast Jessica Bogdanov doing some handstand training at the park

He is using THE FORCE.

Starting a single player campaign in Easy mode

The water was clear when he entered the bath.

So relaxing.

It checks out.

I mean it might take ten years...

Extra points for the tree just starting to grow under the engine.


Time comes for us all and so does Eleven,

TIL: This is the same actor!

Ugh, THAT is what he would do with a thousand hands? Well, OK.

What's better than one thousand hands?

Got to start fighting the Dark Side sometime.

You Underestimate the power of the dawwwww side....

All the people recording instead of helping guy just hit by car are our heroes.

One shoe lost = only half dead

Also known as stealing.

Cheating The Claw Machine


RIP our brother

If The Terminator went to art school, instead.

The art of welding

NO WAY! He just made golf cool.

Benefit of going second

Everyone did a woof job,

Team Good Boy

Her ink don't stink.

tatoo girl hot


Nothing Better than a sundress on a summer day

We learned a lot today.

For all the guys on imgur...y'know for science and stuff

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