Lunch Break - 04.17.18 

Uncategory Apr 16, 2018 21:00

Can hear her coming from a mile away.

My kind of Mondays.





This is one way to start your diet.

European time to pic dump

Great now there is a superhero frog running around too.

The burn pattern left from a fallen electrical line

They need to store the blood somewhere...

Just think about it..

Don't play with your dingy!

What type of boat is this?

People who roll "under" are monsters.

End of debate...

She is ready to rumble.

Hendo Art Cosplay

If that is what the kids are calling it these days.

Draw me like one of your French sheep.

On second thought we will just have the fish.

The emperor needed something new

They crushed it!

They must be pretty big in japan

Her Daddy!

Now I understand

You don't want to see his headlights.

You give a specific signal to turn left

Until we upload our brains to the cloud.

Oh gosh.....

No spooning in the champagne room!

Can they start offering this at strip clubs?

Dog was giving him pro tips on how to get out of work.


Real life movie!

Dank meme

Where are the sweatpants?


"You killed my father."

the face of betrayal

Oh sorry, NSFW!

Grilled cheese anyone

This one took a bit of Brians.

99.99% chance of a repost; I’m ignorant.

She couldn't wait for picture 40!

sexy bikini babes

The stairs every home in 2018 should have.

Neon stairs

Time to go on a diet!

People in costumes stuck in places

Someone is HAPPY to see us!

This little guy

Going to need two of these.


Now we can finally book that family boat vacation.

Imgur, I need your help to win an argument, flamingo or unicorn?

When you haven't cleaned your ears out in a while.


You're just a corgi in a basket! A corgi in a basket!

Corgi of the day (Day 122) Everyone meet, Buttermilk!

"You are all equally worthless." Except for him.

RIP Gunny

He has been using a special face cleanse.

You never know what's gonna come through that wormhole

Makes the car go extra fast.


He is there to catch the used Kleenex.

Weird dump of things that made me laugh internally

The good old days!

I remember

And your accountant.

for $4.95

We have all been there, buddy!

Shame the Nonbelievers

What happens in the woods, stays in the woods.

Dream Home

Who wants an omelet?

Bacon Bikini

See you guys BACK here tomorrow!

Sexy Bikini

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