Lunch Break - 04.16.18 

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Wore that shirt on the right day!

Jeff Goldblum with a young fan

Asking for a friend.

‪"This an important question. My team will get back to you on that."‬


Jesus Christ

Got your tail!

Cute baby

See, your day is not going so badly, Things could always be worse.

It all started out so innocently..

Oh come on Mom.

Happy Birthday

She is getting ready to be president.

Nailed it

Can you come make lunch for us?

Made 3 cheese mac and grilled cheese.

We have a situation.

Have a nice day!

Porn Hub really likes to include a little something for everyone.

Probably one of the better Pornhub Comments I have seen in a while 

This cat's name is Half Moon Cookie

We should just give up as a species, shouldn't we?

This is my 5th meme dump of the day! Enjoy!

Could go for a nice Gouda right now!

I go crackers!

Truth hurts.


Wait until they find out about popcorn.

I was just wondering if this is true.

And oatmeal. Don't forget the oatmeal.


Makes you wonder.

DC cosplay dump

Spoiler alert!

Loop Skywalker

When you see something way smart and don't have any sarcastic BS to say.

Her shirt says “New telegraph who dis?” In Morse code

Chad knows why he was banned in the first place.

Trump does some good

He has a point.

Lizard people meme is so hot right now 

When it is lunchtime and your coworker orders food first.

TFW the snozberries taste like snozberries

The Snake Eating A Mouse Van

What the?

Why left over bags were invented.

Restaurant menu tip

Eat your Brussels-sprouts!

Good morning everyone.

The new space program is legit awesome.

Space shuttle and station made from LEGOS

That's crazy! There are still bookstores!

When bookstore employees get bored.....


Overwatch Girls

Just DO IT! DO IT! You guys remember that?


Every girl dreams of this day.

Russian Wedding Photos.

Then Nicolas Cage came out and burned the thing down.

A living Willow Statue in a walled garden in Scotland

He is playing fetch with the sun.

This cloud looks like a dog

Could sell this for a million dollars.

"I dropped a box of spaghetti on the ground and accidentally graduated from Art School."

Telling it like it is.

Ask Reddit Sexual Joke Dump

Talk about a waste of time!

Connect Four funtime

When she hit the right spot.

Dat Skooma tho

It helps though.

A girl doesn't have to be 19 and half-naked to look hot

Nice day to float.

Boat Drinks

When two girls talking to your man.

Bikini photobomb

Happy Monday!

Bar Rafaeli

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