Lunch Break - 04.14.18

Uncategory Apr 13, 2018 21:30

He knows a way to a girl's heart.


Kids, know the facts about water.

High on H2O

This made us want to write a poem, but then we just drank a beer.

Kyoto at Night

Parenting WIN!

Phone dump 13 apr

Patients at this office keep saying the doctor's diagnosis is BULL!

Things you cannot unseen

Forgot to add the barbecue sauce!

Dumpity dump3

He really got him for the Facebook likes.

Reposting cause I love this

Never have I ever LOL'd so hard.

Apartment story

The Red Light District of Legoland

D u m p

Wait, she did what with a lion, now?


When you ask for a towel and your man hand you a washcloth.

This is Kipling.

Some people ask the dumbest questions.

Sharing one of my first favorited Imgur posts. Still makes me laugh.

WHO is watching you work?

Newly hatched owls are staring over this office

That is just called life, right?

Are you sure you’re awake right now?

This Tweet is awesome.

Oh God...

Why so sad, lamp?

This Customizable Table Lamp

Dog break!

Would you like to boop my snoot??

Why don't we use what the pill is made out of to make laptop screens?!

I’ll be optimistic, at least the pill didn’t break...

Why you should put a pic of the beach on your computer desktop. Nice.

This is it.

Who wore it better?

Well screw you, I’m Kevin Bacon!

Patrick Bateman has his priorities!

Could you imagine if a videogame company made an ad like this nowadays?

We have reached that part of the internet today.

Thought this belonged here

Only 600 million though.


It's not a tumor, it's a pituitary gland.


When your roommate asks to borrow your computer and you know its bad.

Ocean, the Derpiest Cat in the world

Good job, but we like eating ice cream.

Weight loss to the Max

We just got "diabetus" from looking at this.

OP Delivers The Money Shot...

Get them a wet paper towel!

And now I can't unsee it

Porn Hub categories are getting weird, Part 2.


Not the size but how you use it.


Get you a man who sleeps in your lap.

My friend, Truman.

Would get them little toothbrushes and make this house a home.


Skinny Jonah Hill thinking of bringing back fat Jonah Hill.

How to make women happy

This is how it starts.

Ice Age

They have the Lunch Break gallery saved!

Try Firefox

She wants to get a summer job at a law firm.

This is the "I want to get into pg13 movies without my parents" look

Family Christmas card is going to be awkward this year.

Phone dump meme dump numero 4

He likes heavy petting.

Hahaha ????

Smoke em if ya got em!


We don't want to know what the glove is for.

Beach Girl ready to make some waves!

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