Lose Weight With 10-Minutes Breathing Exercises

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Having a slim body may be dream of many girls, but what can we do if we're too busy and don't have time to exercises or go to the gym? With these super easy breathing exercises we could help you get rid of your fat without putting too much effort. Just need 10 minutes every day along with a balance habit, you'll see your change in one bit!

Break found 6 out-of-the-box breathing exercises, that will not take much time and will require using a bottle, making a funny face, imitating a boat, and, of course, taking deep breaths.

1. Bottle Breathing Exercise

Lose Weight With 10-Minutes Breathing Exercises

This exercise is a combination of popular bodyflex breathing exercises and the famous Frolov’s Training. You’ll just need an empty plastic bottle for it.

The initial position: Get on all fours and squeeze the neck the bottle between your teeth.

What to do:

Inhale and exhale slowly, using diaphragmatic breathing.

Breathe in through your nose, then force the air out in the bottle, while flexing your diaphragm and abdominal muscles. The most important part is to make a short, yet slightly powerful, exhale.

Do 15 of these exhales or simply repeat the exercise for 10-15 minutes without counting.

Important: Do the exercise carefully, don’t make yourself feel dizzy! If you feel like you are out of breath or any other discomfort, take a break, and return to the exercise later.

2. Lion’s Breath

Lose Weight With 10-Minutes Breathing Exercises
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Even though this exercise might look a bit silly, it’s extremely good for your neck and helps to remove double chin.

The initial position: Prepare your yoga mat, kneel, and rest your buttocks on your feet.

What to do:

Place your palms between your legs, palms facing in, and straighten your arms.

Inhale through your nose, then exhale strongly through your mouth, while making a “ha” sound.

During exhaling, open the mouth wide open and stick your tongue as far out as possible toward your chin (imagine a yawning lion). Your neck, chin, and face muscles should feel tension.

At last, inhale. Repeat 4-6 times.

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3. Raised Stretched-Out Foot Pose

Lose Weight With 10-Minutes Breathing Exercises
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This exercise impacts your abdominal muscles, strengthens lower back and psoas muscles, and improves posture.

The initial position: Lie down on your yoga mat, pull your knees up, and stretch your legs properly.

What to do:

Put your palms on the floor on both sides of your pelvis.

Exhale and put your hands behind your head and straighten them at your elbows. Take 2 breaths.

While exhaling, lift your legs at an angle of 90° from the floor and stay in this position for 15–20 seconds. Breathe in a normal rhythm.

On your next exhale after the 15-20 second hold, lower your legs so that they are at an angle of 60° to the floor. Hold this position for about a minute and breathe in a normal rhythm.

On the exhale after holding for a minute, drop your legs to an angle of 30° to the floor. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds to one minute and breathe in a normal rhythm.

Exhale and slowly put your legs on the floor. Relax.

4. Boat Pose

Lose Weight With 10-Minutes Breathing Exercises
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This exercise engages all of your abs muscles.

The initial position: Sit on your yoga mat with your knees bent.

What to do:

Hold your hands out toward your legs and lean back.

Engage your abs and extend your arms straight.

Extend your legs straight and raise your feet, making your body into a V-shape.

Hold the V for 15-20 seconds and don’t forget to breathe calmly.

Repeat 3-4 times.

5. Cooling Breath

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This exercise gives you control over hunger and thirst, and cools down your body and mind.

The initial position: Get in a lotus position (or any other cross-legged position in which you feel relaxed).

What to do:

Stick your tongue out and roll it.

Inhale through your rolled tongue. Start with a 4 second inhale and exhale for 6 seconds through your nostrils.

Do this exercise for 5 minutes.

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6. “Scissors”

Lose Weight With 10-Minutes Breathing Exercises
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This exercise strengthens your transverse abdominals, helps to flatten your belly, and strengthens your entire core.

The initial position: Lie down on your yoga mat and put your legs together.

What to do:

Place your palms down under your buttocks, your head on the floor, and keep your back pressed against the floor as well.

Perform one cycle of inhaling and exhaling and pause.

Raise your legs above the floor and then lower your right leg a few inches from the mat.

Raise your right leg up and lower your left leg the same way (imagine working scissors).

Repeat 6-7 times, then inhale and relax.

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