List of famous Japanese vegetarian dishes in Kyoto

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Traveling to the old Japanese city of Kyoto without enjoying vegetarian dishes is a bad mistake. Because the vegetarian foods here is not only delicious but also very diverse and rich, and visitors cannot find them anywhere else.

If you are planning to go to Kyoto Japan, do not ignore this article because Break will help you learn about many compelling vegetarian dishes that only Kyoto has. It can be said that vegetarian dishes are excellent representatives for the famous Japanese cuisine. Therefore, tourists should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the traditional vegetarian dishes of this place.

In addition to Tokyo, Kyoto is also one of the cities with extremely diverse and rich culinary culture. Especially, Kyoto cuisine always has a unique blend of traditional beauty and modern flavors. Therefore, the dishes here are very delicate and delicious. These vegetarian dishes have created a highlight for the growing Kyoto tourism in Japan.

List of famous Japanese vegetarian dishes in Kyoto


List of famous Japanese vegetarian dishes in Kyoto

Wagashi is a Japanese vegan dessert dish. This confection has a very special flavor. Those who have eaten tWagashi will feel the delicate taste of Japanese matcha tea.

Traditional sushi

List of famous Japanese vegetarian dishes in Kyoto

Referring to the delicious foods that represent Japanese cuisine, it is impossible not to mention sushi. This is a pure vegetarian dish that many people love. In particular, vegan sushi is a vegetarian dish of Kyoto that has a completely different flavor. Therefore, if you come to Japan without enjoying this dish, it is a regret.

In Kyoto, there are many shops that serve this vegetarian dish. Especially, each dish is meticulously decorated and are all works of art that the chefs here have spent a lot of time processing.


List of famous Japanese vegetarian dishes in Kyoto

The next vegetarian dish that you should not ignore is Yuba, also known as tofu skin. This is a famous and nutritious dish that anyone who ate once will remember forever.

Yuba is soft but has a moderate level of toughness so it can be processed into many different dishes to enjoy. When you come to Kyoto, you can visit Nishiki Market to enjoy this delicious tofu skin. Especially when eaten with raw vegetables and sauces, its taste is great.


List of famous Japanese vegetarian dishes in Kyoto

Before enjoying the main dishes, Japanese people will eat the appetizer which is Gyoza. This is the famous Japanese vegetarian dish which is put on the menu by many restaurants. This dish is made from natural ingredients or pure organic ingredients so its taste is very special and attractive.

Vegetarian food from Matcha

List of famous Japanese vegetarian dishes in Kyoto

Matcha tea powder is used a lot in the making of Japanese snacks and desserts. The flavor of Kyoto vegetarian dishes is often made from Matcha tea powder so it is very delicious.

Guests can enjoy matcha muffins or matcha pancakes. These are all vegan dishes made from matcha tea powder that are loved by many people.

Rice taco dish

List of famous Japanese vegetarian dishes in Kyoto

Taco rice is used a lot in restaurants in Kyoto. You can eat it with soy sauce or sake. This is a vegetarian dish that is not too traditional but receives a lot of love from the visitors.


List of famous Japanese vegetarian dishes in Kyoto

Natto is a dish made from boiled soybean. The soy is incubated with enzymes and fermented without going through any cooking or stir-frying processes. Therefore, this Japanese vegetarian dish always ensures complete nutrition and is also very good for the cardiovascular system.

Miso soup

List of famous Japanese vegetarian dishes in Kyoto

Miso soup is a vegetarian dish that is used daily in Japanese meals. This soup is made from sauces combined with soy sauce so the taste is very special.

soup has many different types, so depending on your preferences, you will choose the appropriate miso soup to enjoy. However, if it's a vegan miso soup, its ingredients will be mostly soy and seaweed.

The Kyoto Japanese vegetarian foods mentioned above are all outstanding dishes that visitors should try eating at least once. Surely these vegetarian dishes will help you learn a lot of interesting things about Japanese cuisine. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Kyoto, you should spend a lot of time to enjoy all these delicious dishes. Have a nice trip to Japan.

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