Life Will Always Be Hard If You Try To Fight Inanimate Objects And Lose

Uncategory Apr 24, 2018 09:00

There's only one winner in the battle of phone vs. man, and it's not man.

Oi! That's my phone!

Sri Lanka does not "got" talent.

Sri Lanka's got talent

Flaming shots, what could go wrong?

I'll just take a shot of this alcohol while it's on fire, WCGW!

Vandalism isn't meant for everyone.

I'll try to knock this urinal off the wall WCGW?

An equal and opposite reaction...

If you're going to be angry at someone you should understand how physics work

Fail? Yep, fail.

Need more practice at golf (x-post from /r/holdmybeer)

We've got a Darwin Award winner here.

Sparring with roman candles


Drunk Russian guy thinks he is a Kung Fu master

Yet another victim of second-hand stupidity.

HMB while I smash this table, mate


Dogs stick together

Anyone could've warned him that was a bad idea, and yet no one did.

Is this tyler Kappa

Fuck. Yo. TREE.

Screw you Tree!

Started out promising but didn't stick the landing.


Who says pinatas are meant for kids?

Giraffe Pinata is a rather slick sneaky thing

Jeez, grab a stress ball...

Pink Flamingos? ARRRRRRRHHHH!!

"Yep, that is DEFINITELY a steel pipe."

Martial arts master shows steel pipe who's boss

But why?

Now that's using your head

Fun fact: silly string is highly flammable.

Happy birsday, my dear

Fuck your nachos!

Not yo chips to waste

Yup, that's a police station he's whacking.

Attacking the police station with a baseball bat

Play nice!

Stay upright you bitch.

Everyone's talking about the wrong order, but why is there a fish tank on the counter at Taco Bell?

Man-child thinks this is the appropriate response when Taco Bell gets your order wrong

Zero winners here.



Let's body slam this wooden bench WCGW

Now THAT is road rage.

Now this is what you call road rage.

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