Level up alert: The ice melts terribly in the Arctic

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The situation of ice melting was alarming when a scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute took an impressive photo highlighting the degree of melting of the Arctic.

While in Greenland this Thursday (June 13) Steffen Olsen, a climate researcher, took a photo which appeared to show his sled dogs miraculously splashing across the surface of a huge lake.

In fact, Steffen was on a half-melted ice sheet which was so badly thawed that a lake had appeared on its surface, the water was just shallow enough his dogs could run across the ice creating the illusion they were channeling the powers of Christ.

Level up alert: The ice melts terribly in the Arctic

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The ice sheet, which is located in an inlet called Inglefield Bredning in northwest Greenland, is believed to be suffering from the effects of an extreme melting event caused by a massive spike in temperatures.

This Thursday alone Greenland reportedly lost 2 billion metric tons of ice and across the Arctic sea ice is now at a record low for this time of year.

Scientists are aware that spikes in temperature like this aren’t exactly rare in Greenland, but researchers are saying these hot spells are becoming more extreme and frequent.

Luke Trusel, a geologist at Rowan University told Mashable:

We see now that it’s melting faster than at any point in at least the last three and a half centuries, and likely the last seven or eight millennia.

Level up alert: The ice melts terribly in the Arctic

Level up alert: The ice melts terribly in the Arctic

Level up alert: The ice melts terribly in the Arctic

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If the Arctic ice sheets collapse species native to the Arctic like Polar Bears and seals will be forced to migrate further south or face extinction, putting pressure on other ecosystems.

Furthermore dumping all that water into the oceans will have huge impacts on the Earth’s natural climate systems, potentially causing bizarre unpredictable weather patterns that could threaten shipping lanes and coastal settlements.

Whichever way you slice it, all this melting ice proves humanity is in hot water.

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