Lazarus Island, Singapore: Come there fast before everyone finds out about it

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If you get tired of the concrete jungle in Singapore, it's time to tour the stunning Lazarus Island, witness its breathtaking landscape and relax.

Lazarus is a unique pristine island in the bustling country of Singapore. Lazarus Island has many interesting things waiting for you to discover. Hurry and get here before the rest of the world knows of its existence and make it crowded.

Discover Lazarus Island, Singapore

Lazarus Island at a glance

Lazarus Island, Singapore: Come there fast before everyone finds out about it

A small strip of land stretching across the blue sea, Lazarus Island is one of eight islands that make up the southern archipelago of Singapore. Unaffected by a large influx of tourists, the serene beach offers plenty of sea, sand and sun for those looking for opportunities in close proximity to nature. Lazarus Island is considered to be the least inhabited place in Singapore.

Lazarus Island is also known as Pulau Sakijang Pelepah. Sa means one, kijang stands for ho, and pelepah means a palm leaf or a palm tree branch. Put together, it means 'A basket and palm trees'. Although there are a lot of palm trees around the beach, traveling to Lazarus Island will not come across any snakes.

Lazarus Island appears with a poetic beauty, smooth white sand stretches and clear blue sea water. Around the island there are forests creating a sense of mystery, stimulating the curiosity of visitors. Currently, the island is not on the list of tourism exploitation, so this place is suitable for those who love to explore interesting nature.

Different from modern urban life, on Lazarus island there are no tall buildings but only small wooden houses scattered under the large canopy of trees. This is both a place to sell food and essential tools for visitors. Although the island's eatery serves delicious seafood dishes, you should also bring some food and personal items to be active in your trip.

The best time to go to Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island, Singapore: Come there fast before everyone finds out about it

Located near the equator, Lazarus Island has a warm climate all year round. Therefore, you can go any season. However, if you want to have the most complete experience of discovering Lazarus Island, avoid the rainy months from November to January. September, even though it rains, the rain is just gentle enough to cool down. those who are really annoyed with the heat.

How to get to Lazarus island

From central Singapore, you take the subway to Maria Bay station. After getting off at exit A or B, about 100 meters away, you will reach the bus stop, you take bus number 402 to reach South South pier. Here, you buy a train ticket to travel to St John Island, with the fare of about S $ 18/1 adult ticket and S $ 12/1 ticket for a child, the travel time is only about 20 minutes. From St John Island, you just need to cross a bridge to reach Lazarus Island.

What does Lazarus Island tourism play?

Pet the cats

Surely, when you arrive on Lazarus Island, you will be surprised by the cats there are even more people living on the island. You will find cats everywhere, from beaches, eateries, in forests, even on high cliffs.

Lazarus Island, Singapore: Come there fast before everyone finds out about it

Although they are feral cats, they have a very nice fur. Most of the cats here have orange, black or white fur. They are not even afraid of humans, and often go to ask for water and lovely food. So, have some cat food ready, and feed a cat while petting. It is better to use wet food than dry food because the cats here don't seem to like these things very much. If you are lucky, you will encounter a Pirate Cat on Lazarus Island that netizens have been talking about all over the Internet. Be careful, approach gently, do not try to chase or make a inappropriately loud sound .

Have a good sunbathe

What's more wonderful than a trip to Lazarus Island is that you will be sunbathed on a deserted beach. You can bring a towel, then stretch on the sand and lie down to absorb vitamin D only. You will find it extremely relaxing with the sound of waves patting, the sun here is also gentle, not too harsh.

Even when it is hot or the sea breeze is strong, you will easily fall asleep for a few minutes. Just make sure you're not too deep, as you'll wake up looking like a lobster.

Lazarus Island, Singapore: Come there fast before everyone finds out about it

If you do not like sunbathing you can also recline to rest at the large, shady trees. Prepare some snacks or drinks to sip on the island.

Walk along the beach

Walking on the beach is also a relaxing and enjoyable activity. With fresh air, clear blue sea, trees and white sandy beach, creating a romantic scene. You can walk barefoot on white sand along the beach or in shoes or flip-flops.

If you choose the right time of sunset, you will definitely admire the beautiful scenery on the island. At that time, the sky will turn pink and red, reflected on the sea and sand, making the scene more calm and romantic than ever.

Fly a kite

If you plan on traveling to Lazarus Island, bring a kite with you because there, kite flying is an extremely enjoyable activity with the sea breeze almost never ending.

Lazarus Island, Singapore: Come there fast before everyone finds out about it

Furthermore, you don't have to worry about running into other people or getting a kite stuck, because the island is very quiet. You really have endless space to run around and fly a kite in your freedom.

Picnic on the beach

One of the interesting experiences that you should not miss when traveling to Lazarus Island is a picnic on the beach. This will definitely be an activity to help people connect more together.

Lazarus Island, Singapore: Come there fast before everyone finds out about it

You can prepare a BBQ picnic with a variety of baked goods such as beef, shrimp, squid, sausage, vegetables ... Or you can also make a light lunch with sandwiches, snacks made available from the mainland. However, after you eat and drink, remember to clean up the garbage to protect the environment. There are very few trash cans around the island, so if you don't see any trash nearby, put all your trash in one bag until a trash can appear.

Note: There are no amenities on Lazarus island, not even public toilets! Bring everything you can, from tissue to medicine.

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