Kylie Jenner And Her BFF Just Got Matching Stormi Tattoos

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Kylie Jenner and her BFF (correction, her new BFF) have just gotten matching tattoos for baby Stormi.

Kylie Jenner And Her BFF Just Got Matching Stormi Tattoos

In case you’re anything like me and haven’t been keeping up with the Kardashian/Jenner/Woods drama, Kylie’s old BFF Jordyn Woods was shunned from the Kardashian clan after she was accused of kissing Kylie’s sister Khloe’s boyfriend.

I know, it’s all very confusing. But basically, with all of this drama, Kylie has been left best friendless – until Anastasia Karanikolaou came along, that is.

  Kylie Jenner And Her BFF Just Got Matching Stormi TattoosKylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie and Anastasia, although they don’t post too many pictures together anymore, have proven they’re the best of friends by getting matching tatts. Matching tatts of Kylie’s baby with Travis Scott, Stormi, to be precise.

The youngest Jenner sibling took to social media to talk her fans through her skincare regime, posting a couple of videos on her Instagram story, Cosmopolitan reports. After then talking about the restrictive abortion bill in Alabama, Kylie went on to show off her new tattoo.

Posting a video with Anastasia, we get a (blurry) glimpse of the tattoos on what looks like their arms. If you look closely, you can see the name ‘Stormi,’ all in capital letters.

Kylie Jenner And Her BFF Just Got Matching Stormi Tattoos

The tattoos are pretty minimalist, but are still quite visible in black ink, standing out among Kylie’s other red tattoos. And, I have to say, they’re pretty damn adorable.

The tattoos come after rumours began circulating that Kylie might be pregnant with her second baby shortly after sister Kim welcomed her fourth baby with hubby Kanye West. That’s because she gave what appeared to be a pretty big hint on social media.

After Kimmy K tweeted the good news, saying: ‘He’s here and he’s perfect!’ Kylie wrote a tweet of her own, saying: ‘Ahhh announcing something very sooooon’.

  Kylie Jenner And Her BFF Just Got Matching Stormi Tattoos

As soon as the youngest self-made billionaire posted the tweet, the rumour mill was in full swing – with most people convinced she’s pregnant again.

Just a few choice responses were: ‘Pregnant!!!!’, ‘New baby’, ‘Engagement or pregnant’, and my personal favourite: ‘if it’s not another baby I’m blocking you’.

Only a few short hours later though, Kylie burst the broody bubble, revealing the announcement was actually for her new skin care line – called Kylie Skin.

Ah well. I’m sure it won’t be long before another rumour starts circulating to keep us busy.

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