Keep your body, skin and hair safe during swimming with these 4 easy-to-follow tips!

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The chemicals used in the swimming pool water can harm your body, skin and hair. The summer heat, dry winds, harmful sun rays only make it worse.

The summer season is loved by many because it gives them the chance to do their favourite cardio exercise – swimming. Swimming a great way to be healthy and fit. You use every part of your body and are thus able to strengthen the muscles, lose weight, improve strength and tone the different parts of the body. Swimming also helps in relaxing and acts as a therapy after a long day at work. Just chilling by the pool and taking a few leaps can instantly make you feel better and calmer.

However, the chemicals used in the swimming pool water can harm your body, skin and hair. The summer heat, dry winds, harmful sun rays only make it worse. It is important to take care of your body before, after and during your swim to minimize and prevent such damage. Just a little care can help you indulge in your favourite workout and routine for the day, without causing any damage to your body if you follow these tips.

Do not swim if the water looks discoloured or emits a foul smell

The water in the pool can be dirty and can cause skin rashes, infections, redness and itching. Check the water before you dive into it, and make sure it is not discoloured or smelling. Avoid putting your head underwater if you are unsure of its quality. Make sure you do not swallow the water, it can be contaminated and too much of it can cause stomach infections and cause health problems.

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Avoid swimming if you have an open wound or infections

Swimming in chlorine water can worsen open wounds and infections and you must refrain from swimming if you have any such wounds. Not only can it harm your wound, but it can also cause the spread of infection and germs to other people who may be sharing the pool with you.

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Wear swimming caps to protect your hair

The chlorine and other chemicals present in the swimming pool water can really dry out and harm your hair. It is recommended that you wear a swimming cap to protect your hair from such damage. Another reason why you should wear a swimming cap is that the hair stays damp and wet for a very long time in the pool. Keeping your hair wet for very long can cause breakage, hair fall and dry, frizzy hair. All of that can be avoided if you wear a swimming cap.

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Wear waterproof sunscreen

Spending a lot of time in the pool, especially when the pool is out in the open, which it mostly is, can cause sunburns and suntan. The skin can react with the chemicals in the water, and the harmful sun rays can cause damage that leads to early ageing and even skin cancer. It is recommended that you wear waterproof sunscreen to keep your skin safe from all such health problems. Since most of the body is exposed to the sun rays when you are in the pool, the damage can be higher. Apply the sunscreen generously on your skin to avoid these issues.

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