Items that should not be placed next to the bed while sleeping

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Sleep can also affect health, a poor sleep will lead to a series of diseases. So anything that can interfere with sleep needs attention, such as the objects placed next to the bed.

Health attention must be a holistic consideration including diet, exercise, sleep and other aspects. People rarely pay attention to sleep issues, while a good night's sleep can make the body a lot healthy.

In order to have a good night's sleep, we should first create a sleeping environment without light, fresh air, and the right temperature. One more thing to note is that some things can be placed at the head of the bed because it makes you have perfect sleep and is as good as taking a supplement. But some items should not be placed because it will affect the quality of sleep and if left regularly it will be like taking poison slowly.

Items that should not be placed next to the bed while sleeping

Items should not be placed next to the bed

1. Alarm clock

An alarm clock is something that many people like to put at the head of the bed so that when the ringing can be turned off at will, it is very convenient.

However, from a health point of view, you should not leave an alarm clock by your bedside, placing an alarm clock by the side of the bed will cause a "sudden wake up" phenomenon. People who are frequently awakened by an alarm clock experience extreme stress and chronic stress. Excessive stress over a long period of time definitely increases the risk of problems such as high blood pressure, depression, and depression.

Items that should not be placed next to the bed while sleeping

Therefore, you should not put the alarm clock right next to the bed, it is best to put the alarm clock more than 2 meters from the bed to avoid affecting your health.

For those with poor sleep quality, not deep sleep should pay more attention, can choose a silent alarm clock or a low sound alarm clock, sleep without sudden waking up will definitely be good. than.

2. Mobile phone

One electronic product that everyone is indispensable is the mobile phone. The reason not to put your cell phone next to your bed is not because of the so-called radiation (many people say that cell phone radiation is harmful to the body) but because of the habit of using the phone before bed.

Items that should not be placed next to the bed while sleeping

People always have a habit of using mobile phones at night before bed, which can cause visual fatigue, damage to the optic nerve, even increase the risk of eye diseases.

Therefore, put the phone as far as possible, the quality of your sleep will be higher, your body will be healthier.

3. Too many trees, flowers and leaves

Having green plants in the room is a good thing, their presence can increase the oxygen content in the room, help purify the indoor air, relieve stress. However, it should be noted that at night, trees will inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide through the respiratory tract, if too many trees are placed next to the bed (in the bedroom), it will definitely make the sleeping environment in love. long-term hypoxia. This will make it difficult for you to fall into deep sleep and make the body more tired.

Items that should not be placed next to the bed while sleeping

In addition, the soil is prone to fungus and other microorganisms, the presence of these substances can also cause respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma.

So like plants is a good thing, you can put some green plants in the bedroom but not too many plants.

4. Toys

Dolls and stuffed toys are the girls' favorite, even some people love to hug them while sleeping.

However, the surfaces of these toys can easily contain bacteria, dirt, sharp objects and other health-threatening substances. In addition, some products may contain toxic chemical fibers, if held close to the body, it can easily lead to tears, red skin rashes, and even increase the risk of diseases of the skin, respiratory tract. .

So, whether you are an adult or a child, you should not put cotton toys such as teddy bears or dolls by the bed.

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