Is mineral oil good or bad for your skin?

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Women have recently heard of mineral oil as an ingredient in skin care products.

Aside from being suspicious of the bad news about it, people don't seem to know much about this emerging ingredient. Let's find out if mineral oil is good or bad for your skin and it is as horrible as what you hear

What is mineral oil?

Mineral oil has a permanent English name that is mineral oil. Mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum. Petroleum mixed quite a lot of impurities, then extracted and produced mineral oil (mineral oil). With colorless, odorless, quite oily, cheap and hypoallergenic properties, mineral oil is considered one of the regular products in skin care formulas of cosmetic brands.

Is mineral oil good or bad for your skin?

Mineral oil is always in liquid form, it is different from coconut oil when it is cold, it will have freezing phenomenon and mineral oil will not solidify. Another form of mineral oil is Petrolatum. Petrolatum is a mineral oil in a "semi-solid" form.

In addition, mineral oil (mineral oil) has other names or listed in the ingredients section of the skin care products you refer to identify: White oil, Liquid paraffin, Pariffinum liquidum (name in Latin), Liquid Petroleum, Petroleum jelly, Petrolatum.

What are the effects of mineral oil?

It is the effect of mineral oil that causes controversy to be beneficial or harmful to the skin. The following are issues that need to be clarified so that you identify and consider whether mineral oil is really harmful and what its main use is, to not be affected by the rumors.

Is mineral oil good or bad for your skin?

Mineral oil does not carry in itself a superhuman ability such as whitening, anti-aging, astringent pores ... The main task of mineral oil is its superior moisturizing ability and skin softening ability. In addition, mineral oil is also appreciated in the ability to heal skin wounds.

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Mineral oil clog pores?

Actually just because the greasy feeling when applying products with mineral oil makes people think that mineral oil can cause pores, but actually its ability to clog the skin and cause acne can not compare to coconut oil. . The mineral oil molecule is quite large so it cannot penetrate through the pores but only on the surface of the skin and does not cause acne. Just someone with oily skin will not be able to love the greasy and heavy feeling of mineral oil. They may prevent the skin from being exposed to the air to some extent, but not suffocate your skin. If your skin does not "breathe" and is broken out, it is because you do not remove makeup and wash your face thoroughly.

Is mineral oil good or bad for your skin?

Mineral oil is very dirty and can cause cancer if used for a long time?

If it comes to "dirty", even plants carry harmful factors such as bacteria, mold, parasites, insects ... But all these components have been refined and "cleaned". before putting on cosmetics. Mineral oil is only harmful when it is in its raw form. The refining process has changed its appearance and nature. Mineral oil used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry is the purest and cleanest. The purity of mineral oil in cosmetics is even certified by the US FDA as well as other international legal organizations. Currently, there is no research to prove that mineral oil causes cancer. If mineral oil was indeed toxic, it would not have been included in children's ointments and ointments.

However, you should also choose reputable and quality-verified cosmetic brands to avoid products containing mineral oil that has not been refined or used too high.

Is mineral oil good or bad for your skin?

Cosmetics containing mineral oils and kerosene-based oils are considered to be the safest, most of which are identified as non-irritating moisturizers. Mineral oil is considered to be less likely to cause irritation to the skin compared to vegetable oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil. There is even a lot of feedback from people using foundation products containing mineral oils that, after removing the foundation, their red pimples tend to flatten and dry faster. In addition, mineral oil used in emulsifying makeup remover also helps cleanse the skin and does not cause acne like using natural natural oils (coconut oil, olive oil). Therefore, this makeup remover is said to be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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In short, the false media information about mineral oils used the analysis of impure mineral oils, which confused the user. Mineral oil, if used in its pure form and in the right concentration, will be a moisturizing ingredient that is safe for the skin, but will be a less satisfying ingredient for oily skin because of its greasy feel. And note that if your skin is dehydrated and dry, it is important to provide water to the skin with a good osmosis product. Do not use products containing mineral oil because mineral oil will block the moisture condition of the current skin, preventing your skin absorb moisture from the outside environment and skin will maintain dry status.


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