Important Merits of Lemon and Honey

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Honey and Lemon are two common ingredients that are consisted in almost all recipe. They have many benefits and create wonderful combination together. We'll break down their benefits in this post.

Honey is a thick, golden liquid produced, most popularly, by honeybees, and is derived from the nectar of flowers. A lemon is a small, yellow, ellipsoidal fruit cultivated for its uniquely tart taste and used as a flavoring agent in foods, desserts, baked goods, and alcoholic beverages.

Many people prefer to use honey, as opposed to granulated sugar or other sweeteners, because this pure sugary substance also has impressive antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. [1] For example, honey can be stored almost indefinitely, as microorganisms find it nearly impossible to grow on honey. Aside from its intense sugar content, honey also contains small amounts of other critical vitamins and minerals, including riboflavin, iron, zinc, vitamin B6 and dietary fiber, among others.

Lemon juice has an active ingredient called citric acid, which is commonly used as a cleaning agent since it has powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. [2] Lemons, lemon juice, and lemon essential oil are also important for alternative or natural medicine practitioners, due to the high levels of antioxidants and phytonutrients present in this fruit.

Important Merits of Lemon and Honey

However, while lemons are excellent health boosters on their own, they become even more powerful (and palatable) when combined with honey to make a honey lemon drink!

How to Make a Honey Lemon Drink?

Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water, and then stir in a teaspoon of honey. It should dissolve in the warm mixture, leaving you with a delicious tonic for the body and mind! When most people talk about combining honey and lemon into some sort of superfood booster, they are usually referring to honey lemon water, although there are some other combinations, with baking soda or other nutritional ingredients, that also have impressive effects.

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How to Make a Honey Lemon Face Mask?

Important Merits of Lemon and Honey

Simply mix one tablespoon of honey and the juice from half of a squeezed lemon. Apply this mixture all over your face, being careful to avoid getting it in your eyes. You can wash off this mask with warm water after keeping it on for roughly 30 minutes. You’ll be shocked at the stunning results, as your skin will be left clear, moisturized, and glowing with good health!

Benefits of Honey And Lemon

Honey and lemon in combination provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, stimulating, appetite-suppressing, immune-modulating, respiratory-enhancing, and metabolism-stimulating effects.

Detoxify the Body

Honey lemon water has been shown to increase the peristaltic motion of the bowels, helping to cleanse the gut and prevent the build-up of dangerous bacteria. [3] Furthermore, honey lemon water is able to promote urination, and as a diuretic, this concoction can speed up the elimination of toxins from the body. Urination releases unwanted salts, fats, toxins, and water from the body, and this healthy concoction puts that process into overdrive.

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Weight Loss

Although there is a lot of sugar in the combination of these two healthy substances, there are not many calories, but the density of minerals and vitamins can actually make the body feel full. Combine that with the metabolism boost that comes from this mixture, and you have a perfect weight-loss aid. The citrates found in lemons are an important part of the metabolic process in the body.

Important Merits of Lemon and Honey

Treat Cough

One of the best ways to use honey and lemon is when you are suffering from a sore throat, cough or other respiratory condition. It can soothe the respiratory tracts and prevent irritation, which can reduce the urge to cough, while also promoting the immune system and preventing bacterial and viral infections in the respiratory system.

Aid in Digestion

The antibacterial powers of honey and lemon can both combine in this mixture, making it an excellent tonic for your stomach. It can not only eliminate dangerous bacteria from the stomach and digestive tracts but also speed the digestive process, due to the acidity of lemon. [4]Drinking honey lemon water also stimulates the production of bile, which further aids the digestive process.

Improve Metabolism

Both honey and lemon have the ability to speed up the metabolic process and provide a burst of energy. This is particularly important if you are recovering from an illness or injury, which may be why so many people choose a cup of hot tea with honey when they want to push through the tail end of a cold.

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Treat Acne

There are a number of antioxidants that are accessible in both these foods. [5] When you drink this mixture or create a topical application for the skin, it can have measurable results. Honey and lemon are known to improve the appearance of acne and prevent other skin infections, due to the antibacterial properties and vitamin C content. Lemon juice is often used by itself on blemishes and scars on the skin, but complementing this with honey in your diet is a very wise choice.

Boost Immunity

The immune system of the body gets a major boost when you combine lemon and honey. Lemons have high vitamin C content, as well as other volatile components and antioxidants, as well as antibacterial and antiseptic properties. [6] Honey, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful antibacterial substances that we know of! Putting the two together, whether for consumption or a topically application, means that your immune system is getting a major boost!

Control Acidity

Although people think of lemons as highly acidic in nature, when the citric acid enters our body, it actually has an alkalizing effect on us! This is very important because diseases often occur when the body is overly acidic. [7] By adding lemon and honey to your diet, you can balance the acidity of the body, which tends to be more acidic, thus lowering your risk of developing chronic disease!

Side Effects of Taking Honey and Lemon 

Some people are allergic to honey, so applying it to the face or to wounds to speed healing could have some unpleasant side effects. Also, do not leave honey on the skin overnight, as it can cause irritation when it remains on the skin for long periods. Speak to a dermatologist or an allergist before using this home remedy. While most people are completely free from any negative effects of this tonic, it is always important to pay attention to your body’s response when trying out a new health strategy!

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