If You're Trashy And You Know It Clap Your Hands

Uncategory Sep 11, 2018 05:17

When you show off your gun on livestream and shoot the camera.

Showing off guns while streaming.

There's a time and place for everything.

The Broadway cast of "Frozen" has had enough of your shit, sir.


But it's only half-finished!


Vandalism for Mac Miller

She got fired pretty quick after posting this.


A confederate leprechaun.

Spelling is overrated.

And that is how you never get another job.

People suck.

That escalated quickly.

But we don't, so why you gotta share it?

Words to live by.


Walmart with the comebacks.

DAMN her butt is nice!

Please scroll.


Sounds like a real shit cousin.

But why you gotta do it to the dog?

Shitty parents, shitty kids.

Shield your eyes.

It's not.

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