How winter skin care for women owning smooth white skin?

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Every dry season, the skin care story of women face new challenges. In this chilly weather, if you do not care for your skin properly, it will cause many bad effects on the skin.

Winter is often the favorite season for girls because their skin is less oily or sweaty.However, if you do not take care of your winter skin properly, your skin will accidentally lose moisture and become dry and lifeless.Winter is coming, let's explore how to take care of our skin in this dry and chilly weather!

How to take care of your skin in the winter?

Check out the article below to know 6 tips for dry skin care for perfect moisturized skin and still light and smooth.

1. Use a mild cleansing product

An effective cleaning step is the perfect start to a quality skincare process. This will remove dirt, makeup remnants, toxins ... things that can make your skin rumbling.

How winter skin care for women owning smooth white skin?

However, besides the cleaning task, in the winter, your bottle of cleanser should have some additional benefits for the skin, such as moisturizing for example: "A few bottles of cleanser will make your skin become drier and this is worse if it happens in the cold season - when the atmosphere is just waiting to drain the moisture of your skin, "according to dermatologist Marc Ronert in Florida. And if you want perfect skin care from the first step, according to Dr. Marc: "You should buy a cleanser that cleans both the top and the moisture level well."

2. Don't forget to exfoliate your skin to make it brighter

It is difficult for you to own bright, radiant skin, if you ignore the exfoliation. Aging cells on the surface of dead skin make the skin rough and dull. Clogged skin pores can lead to blackheads, acnes, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to remove dead skin cells and replace them with new cells.

Choose an exfoliating cream that gently cleanses without causing irritation. You can also make a natural, effective natural exfoliating scrub like honey, sugar, coffee, etc.

3. Use an antioxidant serum

Using serums is one of the great ways to get the active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin, thanks to the microscopic molecular size of the serum. And take advantage of this feature, you should buy a bottle of antioxidant serum because: "This is a mysterious factor, but full of potential in the winter skincare process," according to Dr. Rowland-Warmann in Liverpool, Brother.

How winter skin care for women owning smooth white skin?

"The skin will be attacked by free radicals - molecules that appear when the skin is exposed to sunlight, polluted air, or smoke ... Their destructive power increases with the season. cold, when the skin barrier is vulnerable to weak air. " However, the doctor said: "These antioxidants will minimize the prospect of skin damage."

4. Getting adequate hydration is the most important step in moisturizing dry skin

Wrinkles on your skin begin to appear due to dehydration from the summer. The lack of moisture should be replenished promptly before winter begins. You should apply moisturizer at least 2 times / day after cleansing or removing make-up. Dry skin, normal skin, combination skin should use essential oils or moisturizers.

Choose a moisturizer for more dry skin. Besides taking care of your face, you also need to pay attention to skin care for the whole body. After taking a warm bath, apply lotion while your skin is still damp.

5. Stay away from hot water

In the cold season, everyone wants to wash their face, take a shower with high temperature water; However, this habit is extremely harmful to the skin. "Washing your face with hot water will cause the skin to become dehydrated, wash away the natural oils and damage the skin barrier," says Dr. Rowland. And so, your skin can be severely degraded just by washing your face with hot water. From that, the warm water is what you need to care for dry skin.

How winter skin care for women owning smooth white skin?

6. Drink enough water

Being regarded as a guardian deity is very important for both your body and your skin. Water plays an extremely important role in skin care in the summer because the sun removes moisture from the skin, making your skin flake like fish scales.

Moisturizers provide a great deal of nourishment to the skin but do not moisturize the skin from the inside out. You need to drink plenty of water, coconut water and eat fruits that contain a lot of water like watermelon, cucumber to compensate for the loss of water for the body.

Above are the small secrets that have martial arts to help girls get their skin ready for the dry season properly to become more beautiful.

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