How to write better and more correctly?

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To participate in the writing process is to participate in the race to discover your imagination and affirm your ability to create images and stories through words. However, to write correctly is one thing, to write well is a completely different story.

To write correctly, you must understand

With the diversity of today's language, there are no small challenges to the writer, which is how to use the word as the right context, at the right time and in the right audience. There is no denying the fact that there have been quite a few cases of misuse in the context of inappropriately, especially for the advertising – Marketing sector. Any misuse of words or misleading context can cause a communication crisis, a very loud reputation.

How to write better and more correctly?
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To write correctly, you need to improve the language

To obtain a rich and wealthy wording, which requires the writer to be able and habit to cultivate the language. It is the passing of good habits such as reading books, reading newspapers, reading books on translation, Advanced dictionary lookups as well as the habit of taking notes. Besides, it's the ability to observe, grasp, analyze, and argue problems across multiple aspects.

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How to write better and more correctly?
How to write better and more correctly?
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The condition should be enough to write or 

After having obtained the full range of conditions to get a TRUE article than in a post OR need more equally important factor that is CREATIVE. Creativity here is understood as the ability to know the combination of things, things, presentation abilities, the ability to detail problems, the ability to apply the language. In order to write or, first you need to write properly, using the above requirements will make you more confident to step into the writing profession, or simply a hobby to write something natural and the most suddenly.

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