How to write a newspaper article?

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Writing a newspaper is a work that is easy and not easy. If you want to write an article, know more about writing skills.

Who determines the audience you read of your article?

How to write a newspaper article?
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 To get involved in the work of a news editor, you must first know who your audience is reading, i.e. Public goals. Defining the public target is the stage that identifies how the audience you want to aim for is in need of news. From there outlines the content orientation structure, how to lead your topic.  

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What the article structure covers

The structure of an article includes: Title, lead section, the body and the conclusion.  

The article title is the section that gives the information you want to mention, the title is usually very short, about 5 to 8 words.   

The lead section is referred to as the mainstream Italian summary of the story you will exploit in the article, which often requires high writing capability. That's how to make the most attractive, to make the reader feel charismatic and want to read all of your papers.  

The article body is the section where you will be implementing the content of information or stories that you want to mention, this section does not limit your creativity but it must meet the criteria 5W and 1H: Who, What, Where, Why, When and How. In addition, content that is an important and useful for the reader is also an equally important factor.  

The conclusion is the section where you will end the article with an individual's opinion as to whether the problem or story is most important.

Write a newspaper

How to write a newspaper article?
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In the press there are many article categories: Short news, news, reporter, interview, news event, scientific research papers.... Understanding and finding out a lot of press releases will help you a lot in starting an article with greater accuracy.   For instant information, people often use short news genres, news stories, news events; As for the information is in intensive, more research, long-term news value and a great influence, people often use genres such as reporters, interviews, scientific research papers.

What other modern papers 

How to write a newspaper article?
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  Modern journalism no longer revolves around the adoption of the formula 5W and 1H, but instead is capable of writing and analyzing the high problems of the writer. An article with many citations, analyses and arguments, brings high and long information value will be an article with the highest appeal to readers.  

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