How to whiten skin naturally beautiful Japanese style?

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To have a clear, healthy skin, Japanese people have taken care of their skin with ingredients from natural, easy to find but effective but unexpected ...

Japanese women have long been known for their beautiful, fair and smooth skin, which many women in the world admire, including Vietnam. Despite being a citizen of one of the countries with the largest cosmetic industry in Asia, Japanese women only prefer natural, rustic skin beauty. So which are the most popular ways to beautify skin in Japanese women? Probably the following 7 methods

How to whiten skin naturally beautiful Japanese style?

How to whiten skin of Japanese people?

1. Exfoliate with kidney beans (azuki beans)

It is known that women since 700 AD often used kidney beans in eating and beauty. Kidney beans can be ground into a powder to exfoliate, mask acne and reduce wrinkles. These beans are high in antioxidants and contain a lot of saponin foaming agents that help clean and tighten pores.

In addition, kidney beans also work to stimulate blood circulation by gently removing dirt, dead cells, reducing pores and brightening the skin.

Kidney beans can be ground into a powder to exfoliate, mask acne and reduce wrinkles.

How to make kidney beans to exfoliate as follows:

Step 1: Using a coffee grinder, grind 120g dried kidney beans into a fine powder.

Step 2: Pour the flour into the box and let refrigerate for several hours. Next, add ½ teaspoon of flour to the palm and mix with a few drops of water to form a thick paste.

Step 3: Apply the mixture to your face in a circular motion, leave it for two minutes and rinse with warm water. Do 2-3 times a week to see the difference.

2. Skin care with rice bran

It is wrong to think that rice bran is just a piece of junk. Because in fact, rice bran works very well in beauty with many antioxidants (more than 70 substances) and other essential nutrients. Rice bran powder has been used to exfoliate, mask, treat acne and even for the whole body to combat signs of aging.

How to whiten skin naturally beautiful Japanese style?

Rice bran powder has been used to exfoliate, mask, treat acne and even for the whole body to combat signs of aging.

Rice bran products are available at drugstores, but you can also make your own rice bran skin mask at home by:

Step 1: Take a small pot, heat 3 tablespoons of rice for a few minutes or until the water is cloudy.

Step 2: Remove rice but retain water. Add a tablespoon of milk to the rice and mix well. Then mix this with a spoonful of honey.

Step 3: Wash and dry your face and apply this mixture, then wash with rice water earlier. This will not only moisturize the skin but also improve blood circulation, fade dark spots or sunburn.

3. Green tea - an indispensable beauty material

Green tea is no longer a new ingredient for women in beauty. From combining green tea extract and rose water to adding tea leaves to bath salts or using green tea powder to cover your face and make hair masks.

Green tea powder or matcha is rich in catechin polyphenol content with many uses for health and beauty. This material is also extremely easy to find and the price is also very cheap. Green tea powder can also reduce UV damage, regenerate dead cells, reduce inflammation (especially for acne-prone skin) and balance skin tone.

4. Take advantage of vitamin C

Vitamin C is found in guava, oranges, squash, tomatoes, etc. This vitamin works to increase resistance to colds, stimulate the body to produce collagen as well as maintain bone density and general health. It also helps deoxidize and disintegrate melanin, which is formed when we go out in the sun or get older. This is also a vitamin that helps to whiten the skin, helps you have a natural glossy skin. The Japanese often supplement vitamin C with food, supplements, drinks, fruits and vegetables as well as cosmetics.

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5. Take a hot spring bath

For Japanese people, daily bathing is not only a living habit but also an indispensable way to beautify. That's why you can see hot springs (onsen) and public baths (sento) everywhere. So that everyone can take a relaxing dip in fresh water, rich in minerals.

In Japan, hot springs (onsen) and public baths (sento) are everywhere. In addition, bathing is an important part of Japanese women's daily life. Hot baths before bed not only help you relax but also promote blood circulation, relieve neck and shoulder pain, relax muscles and avoid leg swelling.

How to whiten skin naturally beautiful Japanese style?

A hot bath is also the best way to detox, open pores and make your skin brighter. During the bath, if you want to add moisture and nutrients to the skin, you can add essential oils or bath salts to the bath water.

Bathing helps your body produce more melatonin, hormones that not only help you sleep well, but also have many antioxidant effects.

6. Use camellia essential oil

Japanese women for centuries have used camellia essential oil to nourish the skin, hair and keep the body healthy.

In hair care products, this oil is high in omega-9 fats (oleic acid), essential vitamins and glycerit - a perfect combination for healthy, floating hair. 

Camellia essential oil can also be used as an ingredient to fry foods, prepare dishes. Camellia oil is lighter than salad dressing and has more vitamins. When eating camellia oil has the effect of increasing resistance, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar balance.

7. Balance your diet

The Japanese attach great importance to eating. In their traditional meals they usually follow the ichijyu sansai principle (a soup, three vegetables, rice and fish) to ensure balance.

In every dish, there is often the presence of seaweed, this is a food that has a lot of iodine and keratin help skin, nails and hair healthy.

Fish is rich in protein as well as omega 3 fats and less fat than red meat, while assorted vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, so the body limits the production of toxins that cause skin inflammation and premature aging. .

In addition, Japanese people also have many types of supplements such as soy flour, vegetable flour, etc. Cheap price compared to other countries.

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