How To Wear Turban Beautifully and Creatively

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If you are bored with your hairstyle, choose a beautiful easy-to-do hairstyle that combine nicely with a turban.

Hot and humid weather is prolonged along with the trend for "windy" hairstyles today, the rise of turban is also an understandable thing. Along Break, let’s see the ways how to wear turban below, to refresh your hair, ladies.

How To Wear Beautiful and Creative Turban

Wrap turban bohemian style:

How To Wear Turban Beautifully and Creatively

The first will be the way to wear turban for girls who are pursuing bohemian fashion style. How to wear turban in bohemian style brings feminine beauty, novelty and a bit wild. First, select the appropriate color of the scarf, fold the towel in the shape of a ribbon, put it out the back of your head, and wrap it in front of your forehead. Next, pull the ends of the towel against each other, then pull back and tie the bow. This wrap is more suitable for girls with shoulder-length hair or low-waist hair!

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Wrap turban around a chignon:

How To Wear Turban Beautifully and Creatively

Girls who love chignon style can transform new images for their hair by wearing turban. Turban does not stand out, but when turban is used to create accents, the hair will become more attractive and stylish. The way to wrap turban around the bun is not complicated at all. After bun as usual. You use the turban to curl up into a bun and then tie the ends of the knot into a bow, to create a cute shape. Or to make it more novel, you can bun it in front of your forehead and use a turban to cover it from the back.

Wrap a turban like a headband:

How To Wear Turban Beautifully and Creatively

Instead of using a headband, a girl could substitute a turban to make her hair look softer and more feminine. Moreover, when using turban you can enjoy creating many different designs, constantly changing styles to give F5 fresh images during the New Year days. If you choose this style, you should combine with the curly hairstyle to look more beautiful offline! Fold the turban diagonally, starting from the top of the head to the sides of the ears and tying the knot. In addition, if you want to wrap a small board, you can wrap it back and tie the ribbon at the top of the head. 

Wrap turban in a bow tie style:

How To Wear Turban Beautifully and Creatively

Ladies who love the cute "sweet lady" style will have a hard time rejecting beautiful hair! This way of wearing will be very lovely when combined with new dresses as well as a transparent makeup. Tuck your hair up neatly or tie it up, then wrap the towel starting from the back of your neck to wrap on your bangs first and then tie the knot, creating a bow shape.

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Wrap a turban in the first half style:

How To Wear Turban Beautifully and Creatively

If you want to change the girly feminine image, add a bit of style, you can update how to wrap the turban in the first half. This method is especially suitable for ladies with gentle long curly hair. Start wrapping from the first half back to the front of the forehead, then tie the knot. Too easy is not it, only takes 3 minutes you can create attraction for your hair.

There are many other ways to wrap turban, but here are the 5 most beautiful ways that Break updates for girls to unleash create beautiful hairstyles that are easy to do. What you need to do now is hurry up and buy turban to create a lovely hairstyle.


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