How to wake up in the morning easier and faster

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Every morning, we wake up, turn off the alarm, then pull the blanket over our head, and go back to sleep. Everyone experiences this habit once or many times in a lifetime. How to get rid of it?

Even though you told yourself to get up early, to overcome your laziness, because there are many benefits from waking up early in the morning... you still can't! The urge to pull the blanket over your head and continue to sleep always win. So, here, Break will tell you how to wake up fast every morning. Just wake up and do these things, the sleepiness will surely be blown away.

5 Things to do to wake up fast in the morning

1. Wake up with natural light

Studies have proved that lack of sleep mainly results from the artificial light surrounding us. It causes confusion, affecting our biological clock. Experiments on a group of insomniacs have shown that after a camping trip without artificial light and alarms, their insomnia disappeared.

The conclusion from the researchers is that the best way to go to sleep and improve the quality of sleep is to be exposed to natural light, limiting artificial light. This is also extremely useful for waking up naturally in the morning.

How to wake up in the morning easier and faster
Instead of staying in bed, open the door to let the morning sun shine through your room

2. Meditation

Meditation brings many benefits to human health. It helps to reduce the level of anxiety, increase productivity and even improve our memory. Science has proved that after 20 minutes of meditation, our brains are more focused, less distracted, increasing our ability to do many tasks at the same time.

Therefore, the habit of meditating in the morning after waking is very good to help us have a clear body and mind, more ready to accomplish the goals of the day.

How to wake up in the morning easier and faster
Meditating every morning helps you to be more alert

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3. Warm up your facial muscles

Massage your hands together, then massage your face with your warm hands. This is one of the fastest ways to wake you up.

4. Steam your face a little

If you still can't wake up, steam your face for about 1 minute with some boiled water. Just a minute. During the inhalation process, you can open your mouth wide, try to sip the hot air, let hot air enter your body. This will definitely make you awake even if you didn't sleep much the night before.

However, you can only wash your face or bathe in cold water after taking a break from steaming 10 minutes. Because the facial muscles are expanded by hot water, so washing your face with cold water immediately after steaming can cause heat shock in some people.

How to wake up in the morning easier and faster
The sauna is both beautiful and refreshing

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5. Drink a glass of water right after waking up

This is a general advice for everyone because you lose a lot of water when you sleep and breathe at night. Dehydration can make you feel slow and sleepy. So drinking a glass of water in the morning not only helps you stay awake, replenish lost water, but also help your digestive system work better.

How to wake up in the morning easier and faster
Every morning, a glass of water, just keeps the skin beautiful and refreshing

Above are 5 ways to wake up without having to torture the alarm every morning. We've spent a third of our lives sleeping, which is enough, don't let other opportunities pass by just because of your oversleeping.

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