How to treat oily skin - Oily skin care tips

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Most people hate oily skin because they easily cause acne. However, excess oil also helps prevent wrinkles from forming to help fight skin aging better.

Therefore, if you have oily skin, your challenge is to manage the amount of oil on your skin. Are you ready to consult tips for oily and oily skin care?

How to treat oily skin

Avoid Face Wash Too Much:

How to treat oily skin - Oily skin care tips

Although washing your face is essential, you should not overdo it. Regular cleansing helps to cleanse your face and reduce greasiness, but when you wash too much, your skin will be stimulated to produce more sebum, making the problem worse. So cut the number of face washes to 2-3 times a day and use gel-like products when washing your face.

Avoiding your hands touch the face:

How to treat oily skin - Oily skin care tips

Your hands are constantly exposed to grease, dirt, and bacteria. So keep your hands away from the face. This is a habit that can be difficult to remove, but this small action only makes your oily skin aggravated.

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How to treat oily skin - Oily skin care tips

Oil and moisture are two different things, that's why you should still moisturize your face by drinking plenty of water. If the skin is dehydrated, the oil will appear even more. Dr. Eri - a leading expert in Japan on dermatology, asserts that the moisture balance inside the skin will limit the dry skin on the inside and lubrication on the surface. She recommends moisturizing properly early to help skin look younger.

Using Blotting Paper:

How to treat oily skin - Oily skin care tips

Another secret to dealing with oily skin is using blotting papers. Always store oil absorbent paper in your bag so you can use it when needed if the oil often appears.

Using Facial Cleanser:

How to treat oily skin - Oily skin care tips

When washing your face, use warm water and a pH-based cleanser, not using hot water and soap (soap). Hot water and soap will only make your oily skin aggravated and susceptible to bacterial infections. Cleansers or products containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid are best used for oily skin.

Using Mineral Cosmetics:

How to treat oily skin - Oily skin care tips

For oily skin, you should use cosmetics and makeup products thoroughly and carefully. You can use an oil-free moisturizer with an ingredient called dimethicone on your skin.

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Using Primer When Making Up (Primer):

How to treat oily skin - Oily skin care tips

Primer is a form of foundation for foundation, foundation or other types of makeup products. This is a really effective makeup for the T-zone (including the forehead, nose and chin), usually an oily skin that makes your face always greasy. Besides, Primer is a wonderful product to help your skin become smoother, shrink pores and make foundation easier to apply evenly on the face.


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