How to treat mouth sores without medication?

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Mouth sores are common in many people. Mouth sores, though not too dangerous, are annoying to eat and drink. So how to treat sores?

Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (RAS), also known as aphthous stomatitis, is an ulcerative disease that occurs in the mouth. The disease is more common in women than in men. This is a mild but fairly common disease.
Mouth sores are not dangerous, but they affect quite a lot and inconvenience to daily life and activities, especially in eating and when mouth sores have been long. therefore, it is important to identify the type of infection you have in order to know how to treat a sore.

How to treat mouth sores without medication?

The cause of mouth sores

Mouth sores are a form of infection that cause small sores in the oral mucosa with a pale yellow bottom and are surrounded by a bright red line that makes the person feel sore and uncomfortable, affecting eating. Especially those with mouth sores.  

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According to popular belief, mouth sores are caused by being hot in the body or eating a lot of hot things. According to the viewpoint of modern medicine, there are many reasons why we have mouth sores as follows:

- Dental diseases: Tooth decay, periodontitis, pulpitis, ...

- Bacterial infection, viral infection: Causes oral cavity to be attacked

- Chemical allergy: Due to the oral cavity's reaction to certain chemical components, such as toothpaste, mouthwash ...

- Mouth mucosa is hurt: Because we accidentally bite or eat too hot food, ...

- Lack of substance: Mouth sores due to lack of vitamin B12, B9 (folic acid or folate) and minerals like iron, zinc, ...

- Stress: Psychological problems also cause this condition

Signs of mouth sores

In the oral mucosa, one or more large white spots appear 1-2mm, white spots gradually become slightly succulent, a few days later, they simultaneously burst into ulcers. The ulcer enlarges, sometimes up to 10 mm, which greatly affects daily living and communication.

How to treat mouth sores without medication?

If there is no complication of the ulcer that will heal itself after 10-15 days and then repeat another similar episode. So need to find ways to treat mouth sores properly so that the disease does not last long.

How to treat mouth sores

Thin brine

Use the salt water to rinse your mouth daily or keep it in your mouth for a while and then spit it out. The highly antiseptic salt water will kill the bacteria in the sores and make them quickly heal again.

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Coconut milk juice

Crush the coconut pulp and squeeze it to rinse your mouth 3-4 times / day. Coconut milk contains coconut oil that helps kill bacteria, clean the mouth to soothe the pain, quickly heal heat-induced sores.

Coriander seed juice

Use 1 tablespoon coriander seeds, with 1 cup of boiled water, remove seeds to use water to gargle. Use 3-4 times / day. Coriander juice has antibacterial effect, effective treatment of bad breath, mouth sores.

How to treat mouth sores without medication?

Radish juice

Use 300g of white radish to grind the juice together with a little filtered water, use mouthwash 3 times / day, after 2 days is completely cured. You can also rinse your mouth with hot or cold water, and apply ice to reduce the swelling of the sores.   Maybe You're interested in Say Goodbye to Bad Breath With This Homemade Cinnamon Mouthwash

Suck in water

Apply these folk-based sore tips in just 2-3 days and you will be completely healed, the sores will not be white or swollen pain anymore:

- Raw tomato juice: Use tomato juice to suck and swallow gradually as star fruit juice or you can chew raw tomatoes. Use 3-4 times / day effective will be very fast.

- Suck on acrid substances: acrid substances such as green tea, dried tea, figs, mango peel, basil, ... help antibacterial, cool mouth, deodorize effectively.

- Should eat the tea made from beans such as black bean tea, green bean tea or tea from the will to provide nutrients to help the body clear and detoxify effectively.

- Should eat foods, vegetables like heat tomatoes, starfruit, lettuce, pennywort.

- Should eat meats with duck meat, muscovy duck meat, ....

How to treat mouth sores without medication?

How to prevent mouth sores

- Limit hot spicy substances, especially on hot summer days.

- Do not drink alcohol, fried foods greasy, sweets, ...

- Increasing the consumption of cool, cooling, high liver foods to help the body clear.

- Drink plenty of water to cool down the body.

- Comply with oral hygiene regulations: Brush your teeth daily after waking up and before going to bed. Get regular dental visits even if you have no dental problems. Using a soft bristle brush, brush your teeth properly so as not to hurt or scratch the oral cavity. Replace brushes after 3 months of use to ensure hygiene.

Hopefully this article will give you the most effective ways to treat sores.


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