How to treat melasma with tomatoes is both safe and effective?

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It takes tens of millions to treat melasma, apply cream to cream that is still not from melasma, try applying a few drops of tomato water before sleeping and see the results offline.

Tomatoes are not only familiar fruits in the kitchen, they are also used as an inexpensive but extremely effective beauty ingredient for women. According to the research of scientists, tomatoes contain vitamins A, B6, C which have extremely good skin-conditioning effects. In particular, the abundant vitamin C content in tomatoes helps prevent the development of melanin pigmentation - the main cause of melasma, skin freckles.
How to treat melasma with tomatoes

How to treat melasma with tomatoes is both safe and effective?

How to treat melasma with tomatoes

Tomatoes have many uses in beauty, especially for melasma, freckles and skin whitening.

To treat freckles, melasma, just follow the steps below.

Materials needed:

- 1 tomato

- 1/2 fresh lemon

- 1 teaspoon pure honey

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- After buying tomatoes, wash and soak with diluted salt water for about 3 minutes. Picked up and washed again with water again.

- Use a splitting knife in half to remove all the seeds inside and chop into small pieces. Then, put them in a blender, blend for about 3 minutes and then pour into a bowl.

Grind tomato puree and mix with lemon juice, honey is a skin care mixture.

- Squeeze lemon juice in this bowl of tomato, then add honey, stirring spoon with hands until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.


- Wash your face with facial cleanser and warm water to remove dirt and let pores expand, helping to absorb the mixture more easily.

- Apply the mixture evenly to the skin, gently massage with your hands in a circular or bottom-up position so that the mixture penetrates deeply into the cells, keep doing it about 5 minutes.

How to treat melasma with tomatoes is both safe and effective?

- Massage finished, apply all the remaining mixture on the skin and lie relaxed for another 15 minutes and then wash the skin with cool water.

- Finally, apply rose water or moisturizer to end the process of treating melasma, freckles with tomatoes.

Freckles, melasma will fade, so the skin will be white if you apply this formula hard!

I wish you success and always beautiful!

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