How to take care of skin and reduce wrinkles effectively at home?

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The appearance of wrinkles is a manifestation of skin aging, so how to take better care of the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Join us in discovering how to protect skin!

Natural aging is an essential part of everyday life. One of the signs of aging is the appearance of wrinkles. It can be said that wrinkles are the enemy of many women and wrinkles are among the "denouncing" enemies you're starting to age.

The following great tips will help you immediately remove wrinkles to maintain youthful beauty.

How to take care of skin and reduce wrinkles effectively at home?
Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin

Skin care methods and limiting the formation of wrinkles

Face massage

Every day taking 5 minutes to massage your face will be a good tip to give you firm skin. Use your fingertips to gently rotate from the forehead to the cheeks and chin and behind the ears and down the neck. Repeat this action 5 times to bring higher relaxation effect. If the lower part of the eye is swollen, slowly massage from inside to outside, from the temple to the sides of the face. Surely you will be pleased with your radiant skin.

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Wash your face before going to bed

Often before going to sleep, women are very lazy to take care of their skin because after a hard day of work or they are falling into stress.Take advantage of finishing brushing your teeth and washing your face clean and then sleep.This habit helps the skin excrete better while you sleep and limits the formation of wrinkles significantly.

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Get enough sleep

Uncontrolled sleep or lack of sleep will cause stress, causing dull skin, aging quickly. So, get in the habit of getting enough sleep (sleeping at least 8 hours a day) to protect your skin as this is one of the important factors that helps prevent wrinkles effectively.

How to take care of skin and reduce wrinkles effectively at home?
Skin care: 5 tips for healthy skin

Avoid dry skin

Washing your face too much and not using moisturizers are two of the factors that can dry out and damage your skin.
At the same time, strong tap water and soap can remove natural oils and other moisturizing factors from the skin. So just wash your face once or twice a day and use a mild cleanser. Besides, you should also apply right moisturizer after washing. This sẽ được giữ lại con tra nhiều trong trong skins và blur wrinkles.

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Replenish collagen

Collagen accounts for 70% of the skin structure so it becomes an important protein to ensure elasticity, firmness, smoothness and youthful skin. Therefore, when supplementing with collagen will help improve wrinkles on the skin after only 4 weeks, this method offers the most lasting and sustainable effect.

Perseverance to follow the tips above, make sure you will be satisfied with your radiant skin after only a short time!

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