How to take a reasonable and healthy nap?

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There are many people who have the habit of napping, because napping not only helps people regain energy, eliminate stress, digest well, but also enhance memory, improve study and work efficiency. However, how long should I take a nap for good health?

Most people may have never heard that a napping can be fatal, but this is not without risk.

A new study by Chinese scientists published by the European Heart Association in 2020 shows that for those who get enough sleep each night, a short nap no more than 1 hour a day will help the heart be healthy. Strong, but a nap of more than 1 hour can increase the risk of death by 30%.

Napping more than 1 hour not only affects the quality and duration of nighttime sleep, but also increases the risk of death by 30% and the risk of cardiovascular disease by 34%. A nap (less than 60 minutes) generally does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. A shorter nap (especially under 30 to 45 minutes) can also improve the heart health of people who lack sleep at night.

For people with low blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, waking up after a long nap, the fluctuation in pressure increases the burden on the blood vessels. Also, if you take a nap for more than 1 hour, your nighttime sleep will be poor, affecting your physical health in the long run.

How to take a reasonable and healthy nap?

How to take a healthy nap?

1. Do not take a nap after a meal

Taking a nap right after eating can easily lead to indigestion, gastritis, even esophageal reflux. The best time is to take a nap 15 minutes after a meal.

2. Do not take a nap on your stomach

Try not to lie on your stomach when taking a nap, or lying on your stomach for long periods of time will cause some harm to your body. If there is no other way, you should sleep with your back in a chair, this is beneficial for blood circulation throughout the body, prepare a U-shaped pillow around your neck during nap to relax the spine of your neck.

How to take a reasonable and healthy nap?

3. Arrange a reasonable nap time according to personal circumstances

People who do not sleep well at night can take naps at noon to help restore fitness and energy. For most people, a 15-40 minute nap is the most appropriate, even if you have not slept deeply, you can give your brain a break, reduce eye strain, restore health, most effectively do not sleep. more than 1 hour.

Why take a long nap when you wake up more tired?

A lot of people experience this, the longer they sleep, the more tired after awakening, the manifestation is a kind of "awake but not awake" state, fatigue, lack of concentration, even violent tendencies. This is, in medicine, the phenomenon of "deep sleep", which is quite similar to being drunk.

In fact, normal sleep can be divided into 5 different phases: lulling, shallow sleep, deep sleep, very deep sleep, and rapid eye movements. Sleep itself will change from shallow to deep.

How to take a reasonable and healthy nap?

Under normal circumstances, each sleep cycle lasts 90 to 110 minutes, after falling asleep for more than 30 minutes will switch from shallow sleep to deep sleep.

If you take a nap for more than 60 minutes, your brain will go to a very deep sleep as instructed by the circadian clock, alarm clock or other event that wakes you up, at which time the brain is still in deep sleep and the body is forced to "go to work". This can cause problems like feeling tired, not alert and lacking energy.

Why does “napping” at noon have more energy?

James Mass, a psychologist at Cornell University, USA, once proposed the concept of "power-nap", which means "energy sleep". In other words, a 5-10 minute 'energy nap' can help improve your mood. Sleeping for about 15-30 minutes at noon can not only soothe the body, enhance memory, but also help improve work efficiency in the afternoon.

However, scientific studies have found that for office workers, pilots, astronauts, doctors, ... with professions with different working intensity and fitness, time Taking a 6-minute to 90-minute nap has significant benefits.

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