How to stop constipation fast and effective?

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Most of the main cause of constipation is not eating enough fiber or drinking too little water. In addition to changing your eating habits, there are some things you can do to fix this problem.  

Due to unhealthy eating habits, many people often experience constipation, difficulty defecation. Constipation is a health condition that anyone is likely to encounter in life. It is not only frustrating, painful but in some cases also makes you lack alertness, irritable do nothing.

The cause of constipation often comes from the unhealthy eating habits of the day. When constipated, many people often try to use pressure to push stool out. However, this not only causes rectal damage but also puts you at risk of anal tear, bloody discharge, ulcerative genital ulcers ...So how to go out now more easily, smoothly?

Therefore, if you encounter constipation, you can immediately apply some of the following methods to fix this problem.

How to stop constipation fast and effective?

Ways to stop persistent constipation

Drink honey lemon mix

Both lemon and honey have a laxative effect, so they can aid in the treatment of constipation effectively. Lemons act as a natural stimulant that helps regulate the digestive system. Besides, this mixture of drinks also helps eliminate toxins from the body quickly.

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Drink a lot of water

Experts often remind you to drink enough water throughout the day, specifically men should drink at least 3.7 liters of water and women will be 2.7 liters of water per day. If you do not take this seriously, hard waste will dry out and lead to constipation. Drinking water also helps the digestive system work more smoothly. Therefore, you should pay attention to drinking plenty of water throughout the day to prevent the risk of constipation.

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Eat plenty of fiber

Because many people eat a lot of meat and vegetables, the body does not have enough fiber to laxative, leading to constipation. Therefore, you should build a healthy diet to help the body both get enough protein and fiber, which will accelerate digestion and prevent the risk of constipation.

How to stop constipation fast and effective?

Eat dried plums

Prunes are not only rich in fiber, but also contain sorbitol (a sugar that helps to loosen body waste and reduce the risk of constipation). So, if you are constipated, eat a dried plum plum to overcome constipation annoying.

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Eat yogurt

Regular yogurts or yogurt drinks with live probiotics contain probiotic bacteria, which can help you tackle the problem of constipation. However, you should use after eating about 30 minutes to avoid affecting the food that you have just absorbed into the body.

In addition, sitting in the correct posture when going to the toilet will also help you overcome constipation somewhat. Experts say the correct posture is to lean forward so that your spine is at an angle of about 35 degrees to your thigh.

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