How to sleep on a plane: 9 tips to help you sleep easily

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Luckily, you can easily sleep on long flights. However, most of us have a hard time falling asleep while in an uncomfortable position and among strangers.

We will suggest you some tips from people who have a lot of travel experience, to help you have a good night's sleep on the plane.

9 tricks to fall asleep on a plane

1. It is best to choose night flights

If you can choose a flight to take off at night, it would be great. However, there is a small tip, you should wake up 2-3 hours early on that day's morning, so that you can easily fall asleep when on the plane.

How to sleep on a plane: 9 tips to help you sleep easily

2. Try to book your flight on Tuesday and Wednesday

If you want to go on a flight that is not too crowded and has lots of room, then you should book tickets on weekdays, and Tuesday and Wednesday are the most appropriate days. Friday and the days before the holidays are almost always cramped.

3. Choose a window seat

Try to choose a seat by the window so you can rest your head against the side of the plane, and you will not be bothered when a passenger needs to go to the toilet.

Avoid the front row near the baffle in the cabin. Although you can stretch your legs comfortably in these seats, they are usually arranged for passengers with children, and you may wake up when a baby cries. The seat near the toilet is also not a good choice, because there will be many people constantly moving and affecting your sleep.

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4. Recline your back to the maximum

How to sleep on a plane: 9 tips to help you sleep easily

In order to rest well, you should lean back as much as possible, paying attention to whether it affects the person sitting behind you. If you sit upright for hours, your waist will be sore, falling asleep on the front desk or leaning on the back of the front seat will also make your neck and neck tired.

5. Your clothes when traveling must be comfortable and can keep you warm

How to sleep on a plane: 9 tips to help you sleep easily

You should choose loose clothing to easily move. If the airline you choose does not provide blankets, bring a jacket and socks to keep you warm. Normally, the temperature on the plane is quite cold during the flight and it is too cold for you to sleep.

6. Buckle up

Maybe the seat belt makes you uncomfortable, but you should tie it outside the blanket because so when the plane goes into bad weather or when shaking, the flight attendants will not wake you up to remind you to fasten. buckle in.

7. Bring accessories to help you sleep well

Light and noise are factors that make it difficult to fall asleep, so you need to wear an eye mask to block out the light, ear cups to reduce the noise.

Use a neck pillow to make your neck and head more comfortable. If you don't have a neck pillow, you can also use a rolled-up towel or sweater to wrap around your neck.

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8. Set the electronics aside

How to sleep on a plane: 9 tips to help you sleep easily

Do not watch movies on your phone, tablet or laptop because the blue light from the screen will make your brain more alert. Read a book instead, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep. Or you can hear soothing sounds like birdsong or rain.

9. Don't fill your stomach too much

How to sleep on a plane: 9 tips to help you sleep easily

If you want to sleep quickly, don't eat too much. Choose light, healthy foods and the best drink is herbal tea or pure water. Do not choose coffee or alcoholic beverages, as these drinks will affect your sleep.

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