How to skin care with vitamins to promote the best effect?

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In order for vitamin supplements to bring about the desired effect, you need to know which skin conditions are suitable for which vitamins, from which can be used properly.

Currently, many women use vitamin supplements to beautify their skin. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right vitamin for their skin condition. Therefore, in order to take vitamin supplements to bring about the desired effect, the women need to know the skin types suitable for 4 types of vitamins commonly used in beauty as follows.

How to skin care with vitamins to promote the best effect?

How to skin care with vitamins

1. Vitamin A for oily and aging skin

Taking vitamin A can completely help improve the condition of oil secretion on the skin care effectively.

Oily skin is one of the causes of various skin problems such as acne, dull skin, and large pores. However, studies suggest that, in some situations, you do not necessarily need to use an expensive cleaning product, instead, taking vitamin A can completely help improve the condition. effective skin. Because vitamin A is the nutrient responsible for normalizing the level of oil on the skin. Vitamin A works effectively against androgens that cause oily skin. Therefore most products containing vitamin A will help a lot in improving your skin.

How to skin care with vitamins to promote the best effect?

In addition, a special form of vitamin A used in many anti-aging skin creams is retinol. This is a substance that helps promote the formation and production of new cells, cleanses the pores, replenishes collagen to the skin, helps the skin to always be smooth and in a state of moisture balance. Thereby helping to adjust the pigmentation under the skin for skin becomes younger and smoother.

2. Vitamin B3 for areas with large pores and overcome water shortage

Vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide, has the ability to help shrink pores, prevent the signs of aging and improve uneven skin tone. At the same time helps to regenerate the horny substance on the skin, helps the skin always be plump and has good elasticity, the skin will be adequately hydrated and protected from harmful agents from the environment. Besides, niacinamide is also an effective ingredient in controlling excess oil as effectively as vitamin C.

Vitamin B3 has the ability to balance moisture and reduce the dehydration that often occurs in the skin care.

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3. Vitamin C for dull areas

Vitamin C has long been famous for its ability to effectively reduce and fade brown spots. In addition to reducing the formation of melanin pigment deep in the skin to fade dark spots caused by acne, freckles, brown spots and fill scars on the skin caused by acne by promoting the formation of collagen fibers, Vitamin C also helps skin to gently remove dead skin cuticles, smooth skin and absorb nutrients from skin care products.

How to skin care with vitamins to promote the best effect?

Inadequate use of vitamin C can cause premature skin aging, dullness, pigmentation, freckles, etc. due to exposure to environmental dust, dust and toxic substances or UV rays in the sun.

Therefore, to limit these factors for the skin care, you should add vitamin C to nourish the skin more healthy.

4. Vitamin E for dehydrated skin and should be protected from the harmful effects of UV rays

Vitamin E has long been considered a vitamin with good moisturizing properties, and is high in antioxidants. The antioxidant ingredients in vitamin E also play a role in preventing the cross-linking of proteins and protecting the skin's natural enzymes, preventing dryness, increasing moisture, moisturizing the skin in the long run, gives you a smooth skin, especially in the winter, dry or hot summer. Not only that, vitamin E is an unsaturated fatty acid, preventing free radicals or environmental pollutants, thereby keeping your skin young, fresh, preventing aging. . In particular, reduces skin irritation for skin sensitive to weather, sun and wind.

Vitamin E has the ability to prevent dehydration, moisture balance helps skin smooth and always full of vitality. Therefore, vitamin E is often found in the composition of sunscreen products because it works against the formation of free radicals, soothes the skin extremely effectively.

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