How to remove duct tape residue from 6 common surfaces

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Tapes can stick to many surfaces and often leave nasty marks. For each type of surface, we have different methods to remove the residues.

We often have a habit of using duct tape and more or less the tape residue sticking on the surface makes us very uncomfortable. If you have tried many ways but still can't get those stubborn tapes out, try one of the effective methods below to solve this problem. 

How to remove tape residue from any surface

1. Glasses

How to remove duct tape residue from 6 common surfaces

With glass surfaces, there are many ways you can apply:

Use cooking oil: You just need to apply a little oil on the glass surface, leave for about 30 minutes then use a cloth to rub the oil. You can constantly add cooking oil to easily peel off the obnoxious tape!

Use alcohol: Similar to cooking oil, however, because the alcohol evaporates very quickly, the implementation should be quick, proceed immediately when applying the oil on the tape.

Use gasoline: This is probably the way most people use it because it is very effective. You only need to apply a little gasoline to, for a while, when washing is clean the tape immediately.

Use pencil eraser: You can use a high-grade pencil eraser and rub it continuously on the tape, along with a dry towel.

2. Vehicles (Motorbikes, cars)

People often stick decals on their vehicles. When peeling off this decal layer, there are layers of duct tape that are hard to remove, what should we do?

Use duct tape: The simplest way is to use another tape to remove the adhesive tape on the car. This method is relatively simple, fast but not 100% cleaned. Therefore, you need to combine the following ways.

How to remove duct tape residue from 6 common surfaces

After peeling off the decal, use warm water to rinse, then use a microfiber towel to wipe, wipe gently. Just like that, the decal layer and duct tape will be removed.

If the above two methods still do not work, try using alcohol to wipe, sure, tape will disappear quickly.

3. Plastic

Similar to other surfaces, how to remove tape on the plastic surface is also very simple if you know the following tips:

Use alcohol or nail polish remover: Use a cotton ball, alcohol wipes or nail polish remover to rub the stain, then use a sponge to remove the entire tape.

Use a dryer for the tape for 1 minute, then it will self-adhesive. If duct tape is still present, use sponge to remove.

4. Wood

How to remove duct tape residue from 6 common surfaces

The long tape on the wooden surface when peeled off will leave ugly glue. In particular, it is covered with a lot of dirt that is extremely unsightly.

To deal with these glue marks, the easiest and most effective way is to use gasoline. Just rub a little gasoline on the tape and gently wipe them off with a dry towel. Only with simple actions, the wooden surface is as beautiful as new.

5. Clothes

Imagine, when adhesive tape is on your clothes, how bad and uncomfortable will it be? Please calmly remove all the tape, then take it to wash! If not, you can use familiar alcohol to remove these annoying tape!

Pay attention to avoid duct tape on your clothes because it is harder to walk on other surfaces

6. Wall

Similar to the glass surface, you can use the following ways to remove tape:

Use cooking oil

Use alcohol and gasoline

Use a wet towel

Use pencil eraser

How to remove duct tape residue from 6 common surfaces

You can also use acetone - nail polish remover to deal with ugly tape residue. This is a very strong cleaning chemical but evaporates quickly, so you must quickly clean the surface when the acetone soaks into the towel.

Try the ways we come up, you will surely succeed.

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