How to remember things better and faster

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Having a good memory helps a lot of people achieve success. It keeps them ahead of the class, getting compliments at their companies, and feel more comfortable with everyday life.

In order to learn and remember quickly, we need clever methods to approach problems. Here are 8 simple yet very effective tricks you can use to quickly absorb and remember important information every day.

8 Tips to remember things better and faster

Tip 1: Identify the necessary things to remember

When you learn a new problem, there will be a lot of details around it. The teacher's lecture has a lot of ideas, the book you read has lots of points and there are absolutely unnecessary things. What you need is to clearly identify the right things to remember. You should use a crayon or highlight pen to underline the ideas in the book, record the main ideas in the lecture. Identifying the necessary things to remember is the first step in helping you remember well.

How to remember things better and faster

Tip 2: Have faith in yourself

You need to identify and remember and believe in yourself. Always remind yourself: "I absolutely can remember the content exactly." Faith is the motivation that drives you to remember well.

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Tip 3: Repeat it many times

We often remember the names of our relatives and never forget them. We can call the exact names of everyday items, because these words are repeated many times. Why is it easier to learn a mother tongue than a foreign language? The bottom line is that we use our native language every day while foreign languages ​​are rarely used. That's why people live abroad quickly master the foreign language.

How to remember things better and faster

Memory that is repeated many times is called "muscle" memory. Practicing regular muscle memory will help you have a good memory and form a natural reflex to the problems. “Muscle” memory is the best secret to learning a foreign language.

Tip 4: Understand the content to remember

You will remember things well when you clearly understand them. If you read something many times but do not understand it, use the method of "forced" memory, that is, memorize the content and then slowly learn what you can remember. You can ask friends and teachers to explain or you can look in other documents until you understand that knowledge. Do not doubt this method, practice and feel its effectiveness.

Tip 5: Arrange and properly classify the number of lessons

Organize textbooks, lectures, textbooks, or reference books into small headings, then big headings, then chapters and finally sections. When trying to remember something, you also follow this sequence. Study each small one then synthesize them into a big one.

Tip 6: Take notes

How to remember things better and faster

You need to prepare a small notebook and a pen. When you suddenly think of something you need to remember or correct, write it down immediately. When you take notes, you learn your lesson one more time. With this method, you can memorize things much better.

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Tip 7: Actively practice

Why do you know how to ride a bicycle? It is because you use your muscles to cycle. Practicing when you learn something will create a feeling of excitement. When you study chemistry and physics, make your own experiments. When you study geography or biology, make your own charts and anatomy. These combined activities will enhance your memory. As long as you are active and independent, you will find yourself remembering better than those around you.

Tip 8: Remember by manipulating the association

You will remember better by using association. For example, the sky is blue with planes, flower gardens with bees and butterflies, the moon and the night sky are full of stars. Thinking about iron or steel, you can think of resilience, strong ...

Remember, the more vivid the impression, the better you memorize it. The more repeated it is, the deeper the impression. This will help you form a natural reflex.
There are many ways to remember, as long as you want to remember, believe that you will remember and use the association in a creative way, you will definitely remember well.

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