How to reduce the risk of bowel cancer simply at home

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Science has proven, just a simple dish, but if you supplement regularly with weekly meals, your health will improve and greatly reduce the risk of intestinal cancer.

According to new research published in the scientific journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology about diet analysis and health data of 476,160 volunteers, with an average follow-up time of 15 years. Results showed that up to 6,291 people had bowel cancer during the study period, but the incidence decreased significantly with the group of people who eat fish regularly.
This study said that you don't need to eat too much fish, but only 359.1 grams of fish per week is enough (equivalent to eating fish about 3 meals a week). If you do this, you've pushed the risk of bowel cancer to 12%.

Research shows that eating fish 3 times a week reduces the risk of bowel cancer by 12% - Photo 2.
The authors, from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and Oxford University, said that omega 3 fatty acids found in all fish will promote the inhibition of growth of cancer cells. and pre-cancer.

How to reduce the risk of bowel cancer simply at home

However, do not just choose your favorite fish but balance between the different types of fish at each meal. Because if you only eat oily fish (including mackerel, tuna, herring, salmon, swordfish ...), you have to eat about 123.9gr / day to achieve a reduction in the risk of bowel cancer is 10 %.

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"Fish should be encouraged to eat regularly and be considered part of a healthy diet," said Dr. Marc Gunter (head of research, nutrition epidemiologist at IARC). The study also looked at shellfish but did not find any effect of this food group on bowel cancer.

Some signs identify bowel cancer

- Bleeding in the anus, blood in the stool.

- Change the habit of going to the toilet (go often).

- Persistent abdominal pain, feeling like a stomach has a tumor.

- Tired, tired, no strength left.

- Sudden weight loss.

How to reduce the risk of bowel cancer simply at home

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How dangerous is bowel cancer?

According to new figures released by the UK National Statistics Office, bowel cancer is considered the second most common cancer in the country. If detected in the early stages, the probability of survival is 93%. When it has advanced to stage 4, the chance of living is only 11%.

Bowel cancer (including rectal and colorectal cancer) is diagnosed with up to 42,000 new cases each year. Therefore, the prevention and identification of disease risk early is essential.

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