How to quit a job you just started

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Resignation is a headache decision. You worry and think a lot about the upcoming job, as well as not definitive leaving the current job.

However, the attitude of working in these last days is the key to receiving valuable recommendations and confirming your professional working capacity.

Here are some tips for you:

1- There should be a specific strategy such as:

How to quit a job you just started

Deciding enough time to prepare for a job, how to leave, how to handle if offered a raise and be persuaded to stay, complete the job. How about remaining work and job training for a successor? ...

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2- Write your leave of absence:

How to quit a job you just started

Just write it briefly and gently. Do not criticize or complain to anyone. No need to explain more about the reason for quitting but simply, want to have more challenging opportunities. And don't forget to say thank you to the company for giving you the opportunity to work here.

3- Straighten your intention to quit the job with the boss:

How to quit a job you just started

It may not be easy, but it shows respect. No need to explain or justify. Just say the same thing on your resignation letter. Do not forget to thank the company for giving you the knowledge and experience at work.

4- The last day:

How to quit a job you just started

Clear out the rest, arrange a clear hand-over, and finally say goodbye to colleagues.

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Even in the way you quit your job, you need to be professional. Thereby, you will prove to everyone that your true spirit and ability to solve problems.

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