How to prevent skin aging and youthfulness despite age

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Women always want to have soft, white and pink skin and actually the secret to getting it from everyday healthy habits. Research shows that their beauty is not only in the genes, but also in the care of your own skin.

Women are very interested in the body, they are aware of the importance of preserving beauty so they do not save time and money when it comes to beauty. Starting at the age of 20, girls should begin taking basic daily care steps to preserve the beauty of their face and body. We can also learn this from books. As a girl instead of spending an hour completing housework, remember to take care of yourself, put on a mask and listen to some relaxing music.

Therefore, to own an admirable beautiful skin with a bright, healthy and rare blemish, you should use natural skin care products to limit skin aging. Definitely after referencing all 5 tips below, you will want to apply immediately to improve your skin.

How to prevent skin aging and youthfulness despite age

5 tips habits to help women prevent skin aging

Women's skin is very sensitive, so good habits play an important part in preserving the beauty of youth. Let's take a closer look at skin care and prevention habits now!

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Drink green tea

Green tea brings too much benefit to the body, from boosting metabolism, burning excess fat, to anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant to help young skin long ... So in Japan, green tea is extremely popular and upgraded to a cultural trait. Not only drinking green tea, Japanese people also modified this simple drink into matcha with 10 times the antioxidant effect of a regular green tea cup.

In case you do not want to drink tea, you can use green tea water as toner to lighten the skin, anti-inflammatory, reduce acne. However, try to drink about 2-3 cups of fresh green tea every day, or 1 cup of matcha, you will see beautiful skin every day.

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Use red bean paste

Since ancient times, Japanese women not only use red beans as food but also utilize these nuts to nourish the skin. By grinding red beans into powder, each time use a little more clean water, apply to the skin and massage in a circular motion for about 2 minutes, you have a clean skin, dead cells are removed, skin brighter , small pores smooth and reduce inflammatory acne, visible blackheads. Red beans are also rich in antioxidants, which help maintain young skin long and reduce wrinkles effectively.

Maintain healthy living habits

Ever since they were teenagers in the twenties, the Japanese have formed for themselves healthy living habits, diets and scientific sleep. Every day, they drink lots of water, avoid snacks and vitamin supplements as directed by the doctor. In addition, their diet often contains lots of vegetables, seafood and green tea to prevent the risk of premature skin aging.

Massage your face often

According to skin care and skin rejuvenation experts, the fact that we regularly rub our skin for a few minutes can help increase blood flow to the skin, help provide essential oxygen and nutrients. for the skin, while helping to improve the metabolism of the skin more optimally.

How to prevent skin aging and youthfulness despite age

Every day, you should perform regular facial massage to help the facial muscles be firm, elastic, and avoid premature wrinkles.

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Supplement vitamin C

Vitamin C is a miraculous antioxidant that helps to lighten the skin and disable the attack of free radicals - a direct cause of aging. And instead of just using skincare products that contain vitamin C, Japanese women have always added this antioxidant to the body by eating lots of oranges, so skin pigments and free radicals will be removed, lane Healthy skin is beautiful and ruddy from the inside. And yet, vitamin C in oranges also stimulates collagen production, effectively preventing wrinkles and sagging skin when older.

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