How to prevent cancers with just broccoli

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Broccoli is a familiar vegetable in European meals. Just go to the supermarket and look at any vegetable stall that buyers can find a fresh broccoli plants cheaply. Although very familiar, but many people do not know that this vegetable is dubbed the "anti-cancer vegetable No. 1". Add broccoli to your daily diet to improve your health.

Previous studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle can help people prevent up to 30-40% of their chances of getting cancer. Now, however, researchers write in Science and claim that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is beneficial because it is rich in antioxidants and is resistant to cancer. Typically, broccoli, because broccoli contains many antioxidants, called flavonoids. This flavonoids have the ability to prevent cancer by inhibiting inflammation, controlling cell growth and even causing the tumor to disappear on its own. 

Dr. Kirill Veselkov, of the Department of Surgery and Cancer at the Royal College of London, recently conducted a new study to learn about the valuable effects of broccoli in the fight against cancer as follows.

How to prevent cancers with just broccoli
Eating broccoli prevents cancer effectively

Broccoli can prevent cancers

Prostate cancer

The British Food Research Institute conducted an experiment in which they divided volunteers into two groups: 1 group eating broccoli, 1 group eating peas for 1 week. The results showed that the group of volunteers who ate broccoli had "anti-cancer genes" and could protect men from prostate cancer.

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Stomach cancer

Broccoli is rich in phytonutrients, which can effectively prevent esophageal cancer. If you work hard to eat broccoli for a long time, not only can prevent esophageal cancer but also improve body function, nutritional balance and optimize health.

How to prevent cancers with just broccoli
Eat broccoli prevents stomach cancer

Liver Cancer

Regular consumption of broccoli in the diet is considered to help protect the body against liver cancer, according to a study published by scientists at the University of Illinois (USA). According to a study published by scientists at the University of Illinois (USA), regular consumption of broccoli in the diet is considered to help protect the body against liver cancer. Because broccoli can activate the sulforaphane enzymes that bring balance to the liver, which reduces the absorption and increase the output of fat. This can improve non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD) and limit the likelihood of cirrhosis and liver cancer and promote detoxification of the liver and carcinogens.

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Bladder cancer

Experiments conducted by Harvard University and Ohio State University found that people who ate 2 or more broccoli per week had a 40% lower risk of bladder cancer than those who didn't.

Hongju researcher, of the China Plant Technology Research Center, said broccoli contains a substance called glucosinolate, which when broken down becomes sulforaphane with anti-cancer effects.

Bowel cancer

In broccoli contains many antioxidants that help the body accelerate the detoxification process. In addition, this vegetable also contains natural chemicals that can remove toxins and carcinogens. Many studies have shown that, eating broccoli 3 times / week, can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and colon cancer.

How to prevent cancers with just broccoli
Prevent bowel cancer with broccoli

Mouth cancer

According to the International Journal of Dentistry, the amount of carotene in broccoli is very rich, up to 7210 micrograms per 100 grams, double that of carrots, which can prevent effective head and neck cancer, oral cancer and laryngeal cancer.

At the same time, broccoli is also a vegetable that both helps fight cancer and reduces the risk of heart disease, brain disorders, improves digestion, hormone balance, protects the eyes ... However, people with problems On the thyroid or digestive system, with kidney stones, gout should not eat much.

In addition, if you experience any side effects when taking this vegetable or have questions about side effects, consult your doctor.

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How to eat broccoli properly to prevent cancer

When eating broccoli, users should pay attention to some of the following:

- Do not shred broccoli before washing but should be washed directly under a faucet or soaked in salt water for 5-10 minutes to easily remove pests.

- Do not cook broccoli thoroughly because it will cause malnutrition.

- Pregnant women should not eat too much in the early stages of pregnancy because it may increase the risk of miscarriage.

- Broccoli contains high purine content, so they can cause gout-related symptoms.

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