How to overcome physiological weakness is both simple and effective at home

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Physiological weakness is a common disease in men, long if without effective treatment, men can be impotent, reduce libido, worse than infertility. So what is the way to overcome the weak physiological condition effectively at home?

A healthy man has about 200 - 300 million sperm each ejaculation, if in 1 ml of semen, sperm concentration is less than 20 million sperm, the probability of pregnancy will decrease. In addition, if the level of mobility, morphology, and structure of sperm also determines the fertility of a man.

However, the underlying physiological causes and methods to improve this disease are very few people understand. Here are the causes and some basic and important steps by male gynecologists to improve sperm count and quality.

How to overcome physiological weakness is both simple and effective at home

Causes and remedies of physiological weakness in men

The reason why men are physiologically weak

Through the survey, experts discovered some of the main causes leading to the physiological weakness of gentlemen as follows:

Due to testosterone deficiency

The male hormone hormone testosteron deficiency is the most common weak sperm cause.This is the most important human androgen, the key to sperm formation and development, through its powerful effects on Sertoli cells.This cell is an important organization in coordinating spermatogenesis, helping to create a special environment, providing nutrition for the sperm to grow and differentiate.It also plays a key role in converting sperm into sperm.  

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Due to lack of zinc

The decline of testosterone in men usually occurs when the body is deficient in zinc. Because zinc is a trace element present in more than 300 different enzymes in the body, it is also essential for the production of testosterone. In addition, zinc also contributes to its sperm quality and mobility. Each semen, in semen, may contain about 3-5mg of zinc, equivalent to about half of the amount of zinc that the man's body absorbs in a day.

How to overcome physiological weakness is both simple and effective at home
Causes of male physiological weakness and effective treatment solutions

In addition to the main cause above, sperm weakness is also caused by abnormalities in the genital organs. These may be conditions such as hidden testicles, testicular dilatation, ectopic testicles, hydroceles of testicle membranes, defective sperm transport tubes ... Or some cases are caused by unhealthy lifestyles and activities. These are people who regularly use stimulants like alcohol, beer, smoking or using drugs. The habit of bathing too hot, wearing tight pants, putting a laptop on your lap to work for a long time also makes the testicles become hot, making the sperm develop unhealthy. Prolonged unreasonable diet also makes the "factory" of malnourished sperm.

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If it is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, you need to make adjustments and changes to make a good active lifestyle.. Here are some simple methods to improve your physiological weakness at home.

Tips to overcome physiological weakness at home

A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and minerals can contribute to remedy physiological weakness quickly. Let's find out!

Reasonable diet

Nutrition is considered the first step men can control to maintain sexual ability and sperm quality.Experts have shown that a healthy diet is rich in some nutrients that have antioxidant effects such as vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, zinc and lycopene ... while eating less fat will help sperm quality.increase. Balancing nutrition is also an effective way to cure weak weak sperm at home.

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Limit stimulants and alcohol

According to the study, if a man drinks more than one glass a day can reduce testosterone secretion - the type of male sex hormone needed to produce sperm and increase sexual desire in men. Besides, alcohol also changes the structure and shape of sperm, one of the defects causes male infertility.

How to overcome physiological weakness is both simple and effective at home

Alcohol and stimulants are the main causes of physiological weakness in men

Stimulant drugs and addictive drugs can all lead to infertility. It can cause decreased semen production, decreased blood supply to the penis, decreased sperm quality and decreased sperm count. So it is better to stay away from them.

Reduce stress

A relaxed soul is the key to a healthy body.If the mind is stressed, all bodily functions will be affected, especially genitalia and sexual activity.Stress (stress) will cause more serious premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.    

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