How to open a bakery - Experience for beginners

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Nowadays, the opening of cake and cake shops is becoming more and more popular. Many people start making cakes out of passion, it would be great to make money from their passion.

In order to do business in this field, the first and foremost thing is that the quality of your cake must be delicious but not enough. Many delicious bakers are not necessarily successful business, to succeed in the market also requires many other factors. Here are some sharing tips for you who are just getting started in the pastry business.

How to open a bakery

Focus on a few types of cakes:

You have the talent, can make many different types of cakes from tiramisu cakes, cupcake to patiso ... But whether your customers will remember which cake?

How to open a bakery - Experience for beginners

One advice for you is to make cakes that are your forte.

Before choosing the type of cake to put on your menu, answer 4 questions:

-Will customers care about their cakes?

-Will the cakes be sold out during the day?

-What is your difference from the opponent?

-With the number of items on the menu like that, is the amount of raw materials is not lost, damaged much?

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Choosing a bakery location - an artistic feat:

How to open a bakery - Experience for beginners

The bakery location is one of the most important factors in the bakery business. You should limit, avoid opening a bakery on one-way streets, few people pass by.

Another note about the premises is that you should choose shops at the corner of the crossroads, because this is the intersection of the two roads, convenient for people to travel between the two roads.

Create an idea for your bakery:

One thing is for sure, to succeed, you have to make quality cakes, but sometimes making quality ones is not necessarily successful. Success in business also depends on whether you plan, organize your business.

There are 3 styles that bakeries often use:

+ Cute concept:

How to open a bakery - Experience for beginners

Often associated with concepts in the "princess" style, or cute with lots of teddy bears, colors.

+ Concept European style:

How to open a bakery - Experience for beginners

Seems ancient, but the cost to make this type of bakery is huge.

+ Concept of tea room style:

How to open a bakery - Experience for beginners

This is the concept of opening a bakery in the style of pastry shops combined with traditional English style tea. 

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Should sell with many types of water:

How to open a bakery - Experience for beginners

You can sell with many different types of water, the first type to mention is the tea. Cake and tea are the perfect combination. You should not trade drinks that are too sweet because when customers use the cake, they will not like to use the sweet drinks too.


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