How to make your room smell good all day long

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Everyone wants their house to smell good, to leave good impressions and make the guests feel welcome.

Remember to deodorize the room before you create a "scent" for it. Keep the room clean and tidy. Do not allow the room to get smell from cigarettes or other mixtures... You can use vinegar to get rid of the bad smell. After finishing the deodorizing work, you can make your room fragrant with the following methods.

8 Ways to make your room smell good

1. Use herbs 

As you know, herbs have a natural, pleasant aroma, so you can make your room smell good taking advantage of them.

How to make your room smell good all day long

To do this, boil a pot of herbs, including lemongrass, peppermint leaves... and leave them in the room with the lid opened. Herbs will give you a pleasant scent, stimulating the brain to relax, refresh and make you feel comfortable. 

Another way to make use of herbs is to put the dried peels of fruits such as oranges, tangerines, kumquats... and herbs such as lemongrass leaves, mint leaves... in a small bag, then leave it in a corner of the room, or in the closet. The herbal fragrance will spread throughout the room, overwhelming the bad smell, and your room will have a pleasant aroma. Use this method every time you clean your home.

2. Use cinnamon to scent the room

Cinnamon is a very aromatic flavor, they are used in a lot dishes. In addition, cinnamon is a very effective ingredient to make the room smell good.

How to make your room smell good all day long

Roll small cinnamon sticks around the candle. Every night, before going to bed, light candles for about 5 minutes. Burning candles, cinnamon incense also radiate, very fragrant and pleasant.

Also, you can use a few small pieces of cinnamon and pine nuts. Put them in a glass jar and open the lid. The scent from there will fly off, causing the odor in your room to disappear.

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3. Use scented candles

How to make your room smell good all day long

Using scented wax is a way to make fragrant rooms popular. You should use vases with natural scents, in the corner of the room to create scents for the room. The scent of wax will make you feel more comfortable and comfortable.

4. Use essential oils

Essential oils have many uses in life. One of the uses of essential oils is to make a room fragrance.

How to make your room smell good all day long

Dilute the essential oil with water and place it in a spray bottle. After that, you can spray them into the room, spray on carpets, plastic sheets ... The aroma of essential oils will make your room more fragrant, eliminating odors.

5. Use room spray

This is one of the most common ways. For room spray, you should choose vials with a light fragrance such as lemon, may grass... They will give your room a pleasant, comfortable scent. Room sprays are very effective in making the room more fragrant, more relaxing.

6. Use hot tea

How to make your room smell good all day long

You can also use a cup of hot tea, put them in the room. The aroma from tea will make your room feel more comfortable and relaxing.

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7. Make your room smell good with lemon, orange and vodka

You can also make your own perfumes from very simple ingredients like lemon, orange and vodka.

How to make your room smell good all day long

First, prepare a peel of 2 lemons and an orange. Then, put the vodka and lemon and orange zest in the jar and soak them overnight. Next, remove the lemon zest, oranges, cut thinly and put in a sprayable bottle. Keep adding alcohol and water in a 1: 1 ratio. When the room smells, you just need to shake it lightly spray them into the room. The natural aroma of orange and lemon zest will make your room have a natural aroma. This mixture is a perfect combination. They are also often used to deodorize and clean new homes.

8. Use lemon and sea salt

As we know, lemons have a natural, pleasant aroma. To utilize it, prepare some oranges and lemons, cut them in half and add some sea salt. When the room starts to smell unpleasant, put them here and there in the room. The room's odor will be absorbed by the sea salt. In addition, the room also has a natural aroma secreted from the lemons and oranges. 

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