How to make the healthy hummus dip and include in your diet for diabetes management and other health benefits

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Hummus is a dip or paste made with chickpeas, sesame seeds, garlic and other simple ingredients and it's home lies in the middle eat. However, it has become extremely popular all over the world and can be found ready-made in stores, or even made at home for a more healthy experience. Hummus is not only delicious and very healthy, but it is also extremely healthy as it is a source of various nutrients required by the body. The best part about hummus is that it is extremely easy to make by just putting the ingredients together and blending them in a food processor or mixer.

How to make the healthy hummus dip and include in your diet for diabetes management and other health benefits

How to make the tasty, easy and healthy hummus at home?

Home-cooked chickpeas work best for the hummus flavours. Just soak some chickpeas and then boil them until they are soft. Tahini, or paste made from sesame seeds is the next ingredient that you need to make your delicious hummus. You can make tahini at home, or also make it at home with ground sesame seeds. Other ingredients that you need are lemon juice, spices, olive oil and fresh garlic. Grind all this together in a mixer and your hummus is ready! 

Health benefits of Hummus

The super-easy to make hummus has a lot of health benefits. You must make it at home for yourself and your family to avail these great benefits.

High in good fats

Hummus is rich in good fats, a component that you must include in your diet in limited amounts. Good fats can help in weight loss and in keeping the body healthy overall. The presence of olive oil in the food item makes it healthy for the heart and increases the content of good fat.

Low in carbohydrates

Hummus is low in the carbohydrate content which is great for weight loss if you are trying to follow a low-carb diet, like the keto diet, or even if you are trying to control your sugar levels by limiting your carbohydrate content. Hummus ensures you get nutrients required by the body, without raising your blood sugar levels.

Good source of plant-based protein

If you are a vegetarian, it is very important for you to note your protein intake, as it can be especially low for vegetarians, since there aren't many rich sources of plant-based protein.

Good source of fibre

Having a diet rich in fibre is important to keep your weight managed and to keep the blood sugar under control. A fibre-rich diet ensures that you stay fuller for longer, and thus keeps hunger pangs away. Fibre also plays an important role in keeping blood sugar regulated as it slows down the breakdown of sugar into the body, helping in keeping diabetes managed. Hummus is one of the most delicious ways to include fibre in your diet.

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