How to make T-shirts bigger: 4 easy ways to enlarge your T-shirt

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When you buy new clothes that unfortunately are too tight, don't rush to throw it away.

Imagine if one good day, suddenly your favorite T-shirt shrinks after washing. What will you do to restore the T-shirt to its original state? Or when you buy new clothes that are way too tight, what can you do? Actually there are many ways to make a T-shirt larger. And with a certain amount of contraction, you can do it.

4 easy ways to enlarge your T-shirt

Make your T-shirt wider with conditioner

Because T-shirts are usually made from cotton, they are elastic. If unfortunately the T-shirt is too tight, try use hot water to soak your shirt. Add a small amount of conditioner and hot tub.

How to make T-shirts bigger: 4 easy ways to enlarge your T-shirt

Remember to stir your hands to dissolve the conditioner in the water. Conditioner helps to soften the fabric and make it easier to dilate in water. Then, keep the T-shirt upright and soak for 10 to 15 minutes. For simplicity, you can place the t-shirt on the upper surface of the water basin. Then slowly press the shirt into the water from the top down. This allows the water and the straw to slowly absorb into the fabric. Let's see ... Do you know what the most important element of this approach is?

It is important that you remember to use hot water to soak your shirt. Because hot water helps to stretch the fabric in your shirt. In cold water, the fabric will not stretch. Next, you still keep the shirt very flat when completely immersed in water. To avoid wrinkled clothes, gather them in a pot. When the shirt has absorbed water, it will sink to the bottom of the pot.

Finally, remove the shirt from the basin of water after 15 minutes of soaking. You get another basin of clean water, if the water is warm, the better. Slowly rinse the conditioner off the shirt. Great! The T-shirt has become more spacious now!

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Soak the T-shirt in conditioner and stretch

If you are still not satisfied with the stretch of the shirt, proceed to the following steps.

After soaking in conditioner, spread the shirt on a fixed surface. For example, on the floor or on the washing machine. It is best to dry your shirt before spreading it out. In order to avoid running water, it may spread all over the house, causing dangerous falls.

If the shirt has a logo or embroidered print, quickly iron the print out. If you do not want to accidentally stretch the position.

Because when stretching the shirt, the image printed on the shirt can also be stretched. Therefore, if the printed shirt has been dried, it will not stretch much.

How to make T-shirts bigger: 4 easy ways to enlarge your T-shirt

Next is the most important step! How to stretch the T-shirt the most effective way? Place your arm inside the section of the shirt you want to relax. If you want to wear a wider coat, pull the shirt outward. Note that do not just swipe at a single location. Try to use even force along the length of the shirt you want to stretch.

If you want to stretch the shirt, you change the direction from the collar to the back of the shirt. And perform even force from left to right direction. This ensures that the sides of the shirt are stretched evenly.

After you've stretched your clothes, let them spread out evenly on a dry towel. If you worry that your clothes will be dry, they will be pulled back.

It is revealed that you should place heavy objects on the four corners of the shirt. To be assured that the shirt will dry out evenly while drying and keep the form of the shirt.

You will be wondering if the house does not have conditioner available, what to do? Tell you you can also use baby shower gel or shampoo.

Make your T-shirt bigger by ironing

Tell you a simple and extremely easy way to relax T-shirt. That is to use the iron! Easy way to do it. As long as you completely wet the shirt, make sure the water is evenly absorbed into the fabric. This method does not need you to spend time soaking your shirt in water. And wet the shirt with cold water or hot water.

How to make T-shirts bigger: 4 easy ways to enlarge your T-shirt

Next, use your hand to gently squeeze the shirt off, then put the shirt on a flat surface to iron the shirt straight. Use the iron that has been adjusted to a moderately low temperature. Use strong force to be each corner of the shirt. It is best to use one hand to hold the iron. Use your other hand to stretch the shirt whenever you iron it over the iron.

Remember to pull the shirt in many directions, up - down and left - right to create an even stretch for your shirt. After you have done one face, continue to do the same with the other one.

But this method is only suitable if you just need to stretch or stretch a little. And note that the next time you wash, do not put the shirt in the dryer again. If not, the shirt will be pulled back like before!

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Stretch your T-shirt while showering

A way to make lazy cat guys here! You know, wet clothes will often be more likely to stretch when you exert force on them. The quickest and simplest way is to wear a t-shirt you need to relax. Then stand in the shower, if you take a hot bath, the better. Then, stretch out the areas where you want your shirt to extend.

How to make T-shirts bigger: 4 easy ways to enlarge your T-shirt

The advantage of this method is that you only need to stretch the position of the shirt you want to widen when wearing on you. It takes no effort and effort to stretch the entire garment.

If you are in need of a long dress or stretch at the chest. Well, as I thought, this is a pretty effective method.

Buy a more suitable new T-shirt

If you read here, you do not feel like having time or are too lazy to do it, especially with lazy cats / girls. So the best way is to buy yourself another t-shirt that is more suitable to avoid the effort.

How to make T-shirts bigger: 4 easy ways to enlarge your T-shirt

That's right, isn't it. Why take a lot of effort when you can absolutely buy another t-shirt at a more reasonable price? Again, you can order T-shirts with pictures or slogan of your own liking.

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