How to make sunscreen with natural ingredients is both effective and cheap

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To get a bright, white skin without being caught in the sun, instead of using expensive skin care products, you can make your own natural skin masks at super cheap price at home. Besides, in addition to sunscreen or sunscreen, there are now some natural masks such as yogurt, fresh milk, green tea ... all have effective sun protection but the price is cheaper.

In the world of skincare, there are so many products, just in particular about the sunblock, there are also creams, waxes, sprays and sunscreen products ... This variety, sometimes pushes you into bewilderment is which sunscreen should I use. And in this article, let's learn how to make sun protection masks from the following simple natural ingredients.

How to make sunscreen at home

Because of busy, many women look to industrial masks instead of natural masks. The convenience of industrial masks saves women time, but in terms of benignity, the price of natural masks is superior. In addition, some natural masks have effective sun protection, helping to increase the "barrier" to protect the face.

How to make sunscreen with natural ingredients is both effective and cheap
How To Make Sense Of Sunscreen

Yogurt mask

Yogurt is a familiar product for making natural masks. You can use yoguHow To Make Sense Of Sunscreenrt alone or combine yogurt with some other ingredients like turmeric, honey, green tea ... to make a mask. Lactic acid substance in yogurt has a whitening effect, so in addition to soothing the skin, increasing sun protection layer for the skin, regularly using yogurt mask to help skin to look up.  

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The external yogurt mask helps bright, white skin enhance the skin's protection against UV rays.The recipe for creating yogurt mask mixture is very simple. If you don't have a lot of time, just use sugar-free yogurt to apply to your face and neck. After about 10-15 minutes rinse. You can use yogurt mask instead of cleanser if you have time.

With mixed masks such as turmeric or green tea, honey ... just mix according to the formula 2: 1 (in which the ratio of yogurt without sugar is 2). Then stir, apply on face and neck for about 10-15 minutes, rinse.

Cucumber or tomato mask

Cucumbers and tomatoes are two foods that make the mask extremely convenient and cheap, but in the long term for high efficiency. Cucumber or tomatoes just need to slice thinly, apply evenly to the face for about 15-20 minutes, then wash with water. Cucumber masks are easy to perform, quick, but have relatively good effects if used regularly.

How to make sunscreen with natural ingredients is both effective and cheap
How to make suncreen with cucumber

Note: Natural masks are only capable of enhancing sun protection performance in addition to using suitable sunscreen products. So even though you often wear a mask, every day, before going out for about 30 minutes, you still have to use sunscreen or sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays better.  

Fresh milk mask

Fresh sugar-free milk is a good product to try if you want to increase your ability to resist sunburn and blackening this summer. How to use the product is also very simple. You can take makeup remover to soak fresh milk and spread it all over your face. Use about 4 pieces to cover important areas like the forehead, 2 cheeks, chin to increase the moisturizing effect. The second way, you can mix fresh milk with other ingredients to create a good mask for the skin.

Note: You can use fresh milk without sugar to wash your face daily. For cases of allergy to cosmetics, you can use fresh cleanser instead of regular cleanser to calm the skin.  

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Green tea mask

Because it contains catechin and tannic acid, in addition to skin rejuvenation, anti-swelling, anti-inflammatory, green tea also protects the skin from UV rays. After sun exposure or even sunburn, darkening your skin using a green tea mask helps reduce redness and soothing skin.

The green tea mask formula can be combined with yogurt as mentioned above or in combination with honey, fresh milk to form a paste that is just enough to fill the face. After 10 - 15 minutes wash your face clean with water.

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Honey mask

Honey is a regular ingredient used to make natural masks. If the face or limb skin is darkened, a mixture of honey and yogurt can be used to treat dark spots. About the skin mask and enhance sun protection for the skin, you can use honey in combination with bananas, chicken eggs, green tea, barley ...

Honey combines with many other natural ingredients to create a cheap, benign, effective face mix. In addition, honey combined with salt, lemon, and sugar sugar can form an extremely effective exfoliating mixture for the skin. The exfoliating step taken before the masking step will result in better skin care.  

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