How to make skin whitening mask at home

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There is no need to spend money on spa treatments to take care of your skin. You can still have a white and bright skin with these 2 types of homemade skin whitening masks.

Owning a white skin not only helps women look lovely and beautiful, but also reduces the make-up time needed when going out. Also, it'll be much easier to pick a suitable outfit, because your fair skin just match everything perfectly.

2 ways to make natural skin whitening masks

Banana and egg white

Bananas contain vitamins A, B, and E... which prevent skin aging, repel wrinkles, moisturize and regenerate skin cells, therefore help your skin become fairer.

How to make skin whitening mask at home

You need to prepare:
- 1 ripe banana
- 1 chicken egg white
- 1 spoon of honey
- 1 spoon of sugarless yogurt
- 1/2 spoon of fresh lemon juice

How to do it:
- Peel the banana, slice it and put it in a bow, then smash it.
- Mix it well with other ingredients.
- Wash your face with warm water.
- Apply the mixture on your face, massage gently.
- Wait until the mixture is dry (about 20 minutes) then rinse with warm water.
- Use a cold towel to wipe your face again.

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Using this mixture, you will see your pores tightened and skin pigmentation improved, which will tone up your skin quickly. You should use it 2-3 times a week, best at night before going to bed.


In yogurt, there are many nutrients and acids that are essential for your skin, such as lactic acid, which softens the skin, tightens the pores, prevents acne-causing bacteria, and supports skin whitening process.

How to make skin whitening mask at home

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You need to prepare:
- Some sugar-free yogurt
- 1 cup of red bean flour

How to do it:
- Put the red bean flour and yogurt to a bowl and stir it well until a thick paste is obtained
- Apply the mixture on your face, massage gently for 3-5 minutes.
- Leave it for about 15 minutes, then rinse with water.
- At the end of the process, you should apply a little moisturizer on your face to avoid drying the skin.
Use it twice a week, after 2 weeks you will see your skin tone improve clearly.

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