How to make skin care masks helps prevent acne effectively at home

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Climatic pollution is a cause of acne prone skin and is getting worse. Toxic skin waste with a clay mask is an effective solution adopted by many women. However, do you know how to make a skin mask right at home?

Currently, in thousands of skin cleansing products on the market, clay masks are always the first choice in the women's skincare cycle because of its uses such as skin toxic, removing dirt and sebum. and effective acne treatment.

Why should a skin mask be used?

Facial skin is one of the most delicate and delicate skin areas. Every day, facial skin suffers many damage when exposed to many different factors such as environment, sunshine, dust, cosmetics ... If not removed toxins accumulate, skin will soon be aging, export Exfoliation, melasma and acne. It is easy to see now that clay is used in a popular way to make beauty materials in the skin care cosmetics line on the market.

Types of masks containing bamboo charcoal, clay, mineral mud support good facial skin discharge. The benefits of a clay mask are undeniable, both help to cleanse the skin, reduce oil secretion, clear pores, prevent acne. Th

How to make skin care masks helps prevent acne effectively at home
Why You Should Use a Sheet Mask 

ose with oily skin are especially suitable for clay masks.

However, instead of spending a lot of money on the types of clay masks available on the market, you can use clay to make masks at home in the following ways.

How to make skin mask safe and effective at home

Aloe vera clay mask

Aloe vera is also known as aloe vera which is a familiar beauty ingredient in daily life. In addition to being used as a body detoxification food, aloe vera is also used as a gel, skin care mask. Pure aloe vera has the ability to soothe sunburn skin, tighten pores and provide moisture to the skin.

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Clay mask combines aloe vera not only to clean the skin but also to add vitamins and moisture to the skin.


  • Small branch of aloe vera (peeled off the skin and clean the aloe vera)
  • Tablespoon of clay
  • Tablespoons of green tea (warm water)

Put aloe vera in a baby bowl and then puree. Add clay and green tea to the aloe vera until the ingredients blend together. You wash your face, dry the water and apply the mask to your skin. Let stand for 20 minutes and wash your face.

Activated clay mask

Listening through the name seems scary, but actually activated carbon is a very good ingredient for the skin, commonly used in skin beauty masks in advanced countries. Activated carbon has the ability to absorb toxins, dirt is deep in the pores, reduces blackheads and brings smooth skin. Using activated charcoal clay mask will help clean skin and limit oil secretion, prevent acne.

How to make skin care masks helps prevent acne effectively at home
76/5000 Clay masks help to eliminate toxins and protect skin from harmful agents more effectively


  • Wash skin.
  • Mix activated carbon powder and clay mask in 1: 1 ratio, add 2 tablespoons of warm water, stir the ingredients together.
  • Apply the activated charcoal clay mask all over the face, relax for 20 minutes, then wash your face with water.

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Green tea clay mask

Green tea is always at the top of the list of anti-oxidant, acne-fighting, anti-oxidant ingredients.Using green tea to beautify your skin regularly will help your skin stay healthy, clean, smooth, reduce acne, fade and limit wrinkles.

Skin does not worry about acne if using green tea clay mask regularly. Especially, green tea also helps protect the skin before sunshine.


  • Mix 1 tablespoon pure green tea powder with 2 tablespoons of clay, add 1 little water to the mixture to dissolve.
  • Stir the ingredients together, you will have an extremely benign and effective acne treatment mask.

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Oat clay mask

Oats are often used for effective whitening and anti-aging effects.Combining oatmeal and clay, you get an amazing mixture of white, anti-oxidant masks.


  • Add 1 tablespoon of oatmeal to 1 tablespoon of clay, add a little warm water and mix until the mixture is smooth.
  • Apply the mixture evenly to the skin and allow to stand for 20 minutes after washing with warm water.
  • You will immediately feel the difference of skin, smooth and brighter skin clearly.

Note: Be sure to thoroughly understand whether the material is clean and clear before you buy it. Also, before applying any clay mask to your skin, apply to a small area of the skin on your neck first to make sure you are not allergic to the mask.  

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