How to make delicious soy milk at home

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The faint scent of Pandan leaves and the natural nutrients containing in a cup of soy milk will lead you to an energetic working day.

Soy milk has long been a nutritious drink. Regular use of soy milk will give you many good nutrients. However, not everyone knows how to make soy milk on their own. Today, Break will tell you how to make soy milk with a blender fast and delicious at home!

How to make delicious soy milk at home


How to make delicious soy milk at home
  • Soybeans: 1 kg.
  • Pandan leaves.
  • Sugar: 300 gr.
  • Water.
  • White sesame or peanuts if you like.
  • Tools: blender, filter bag, measuring cup, pot, stove, stainless steel containers...

A simple recipe to make delicious soy milk

Prepare soybeans

First, you should soak the soybeans with warm water, paying attention to the soybean seeds to fully bloom, you must soak for 6-8 hours in the summer and 10-12 hours in the winter. After soaking, beans will expand a lot, now rub your hands to clean the outer shell. Rinse again to make sure, rinse all the foam off and remove any loose particles.

Blend soybeans

How to make delicious soy milk at home

Put soy beans and 350ml water in a blender. Grind beans for 2 minutes, rest every 30 seconds to prevent the machine from getting hot, grind until the mixture is smooth. At this stage, if you want the milk to be more fragrant and flavor, you can add white sesame or peanuts to grind together. Without the blender you will have a hard time making soy milk. So invest in a blender!

Put soy beans in green machine and pureed water

Cook soy milk

How to make delicious soy milk at home

Step 1: Pour the pureed soy beans into a clean filer bag and filter out the residue. Use your hand to squeeze the milk out of it.

Step 2: Put the milk in the pot, keep adding 350 - 500 ml of filtered water (optional if you want to thicken or dilute). Catch on the stove and bring to a boil over high heat. When it is almost boiling, lower the heat to low, remember to take out the foam often.

How to make delicious soy milk at home

Step 3: Add the icing sugar at this time so that after finishing it is easier to preserve soy milk, the sweetness of the milk is not too harsh. If you want to cook soy milk for sale, you may not need sugar directly. When selling customers require more or less sugar, then you put in later.

Enjoy and preserve soy milk

How to make delicious soy milk at home

You can enjoy hot and cold soy milk as you like. If cold drink, let the milk cool and then add some ice cubes and sip. Milk fragrant, fat, sweet easy to drink is a drink suitable for the whole family.

After the milk cools, you can store it in a clean bottle, close the lid and place in the refrigerator compartment to enjoy each day. The storage temperature is from 2 - 5 degrees Celsius. Milk stored in the refrigerator is both cool and dense so it is loved by many people.

Is drinking soy milk good?

How to make delicious soy milk at home

Soy milk contains Genistein which helps to prolong the aging process of cells in the body. Therefore, regular consumption of soy milk will help your skin look fresh and youthful. The abundant amount of calcium in soy milk is effective against osteoporosis in women, increasing height, making bones strong for children in adulthood.

Soy milk is also considered as one of the foods that can prevent cancer, eliminate excess fat, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes ... Especially, for women, soy milk has Much estrogen should be considered a "panacea" to help increase breast size.

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