How to lose weight effectively and suit each part of the body?

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The excess fat that appears on the body always makes you uncomfortable, lose confidence and want to knock them away.

The excess fat that appears on the body always makes you uncomfortable, lose confidence and want to knock them away. With each different region will have measures to exercise and eat to lose fat fast.

How to lose weight quickly and suit each part of the body?

Lose weight in the abdomen

This is a fat area that makes many women inferiority, making physique unbalanced. The main cause of the formation of belly fat is due to a diet high in sugar and starch, lazy to exercise, finished eating right ...

There are two different types of belly fat: a type of fat that's close to the skin surface, which you can feel when touched, which can be overcome by peeling off the fat or liposuction.

And the type of fat located close to the stomach, making your stomach feel bloated and not felt by your hands, it is imperative to lose weight by exercising and dieting.

How to lose weight effectively and suit each part of the body?

There are many different types of exercise, from crunching, cycling to skipping, but generally you have to pay attention to endurance, which means that at least 30 minutes to 1 hour, the effect is reduced. new belly fat high.

Every morning, before breakfast, drink a glass of warm lemonade, which helps to stimulate the digestive system and metabolism to work. Eat plenty of cucumbers, use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, eat lots of greens, limit your intake of sugary and starchy foods.

Lose weight in the arm

In fact, the arm is the least likely to accumulate fat, where there are quite a few fat cells. Only when you have gained too much weight, fat has accumulated in all other areas of the body to the point of overload, will begin to accumulate in the arms.

So, just need to control the weight well, the fat in the arm will no longer be your concern. Cut back on fried foods and eat more spicy herbs instead. If you want to choose weight-focused exercise exercises for your arms, you can work out weights, or boxing, to help tone your biceps.

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Lose weight in the thigh area

The older a woman is, the more fat she will accumulate in her thighs, due to a reduced ability to burn calories, and the less active you are, the more likely it is to stimulate fat accumulation.

Fat thighs will cause you to lose a good physique, not to respect the curve of the buttocks, in addition to it will be uncomfortable in the hot season when sweat is high and the thighs are pressed together.

How to lose weight effectively and suit each part of the body?

An effective exercise for people who want to lose thigh fat is to practice standing up to help create enough flexibility for the upper body, focusing on burning calories and toning thigh muscles. You should drink plenty of green tea, provide antioxidants, slow down the aging process, thereby slowing the process of accumulating thigh fat.

Avoid carbonated soft drinks, if you drink juice, you should also drink juice from vegetables like carrots, cucumbers. In addition, you can also participate in sports that require a lot of leg exercise such as jogging, cycling, and swimming.

Lose weight in the back

People with excess fat on the back are usually genetic, or wearing tight clothes. Especially when you often wear a bra that is too tight, this will prevent blood flow and cause uneven muscle growth, thereby storing more fat behind your back.

To focus on reducing back fat, you should do weight exercises, or push ups.

If you want to walk or jog to lose weight, make sure you swing your arms vigorously at each step to stimulate burning back fat. You should drink soy milk or eat soy products, eat lean meat to provide protein, help firm the back, reduce fat effectively.

Buttock weight loss

Often people with pear-shaped will accumulate more fat in the butt. Although girls still prefer having a well-rounded buttock to wear sexier clothes, the fat butt will not feel firm, prone to sagging, creating an uncomfortable feeling when exercising.

The most common exercise to reduce buttocks is squat (whole body exercise, almost like standing up). In the diet of people who need to lose fat in the buttocks, pay attention to the addition of brown rice, avocado and salmon, which are good sources of carbohydrates and fats, stimulate calories burning and fat loss.

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