How to lose weight balance banana is most effective

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This method is extremely effective and safe for women who do not have much exercise time. Just eat banana daily, its effect will surprise you!

  In this day and age, owning a slim, three-round body is almost every girl's dream. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a perfect physique or have enough time and patience to exercise to improve their appearance. Saying that does not mean that you are completely "blocked" on the way to the perfect physique.
Instead of always worrying about, find a few bananas for yourself and eat it consistently. The effect is that your weight will be reduced safely, staying in shape for a long time. This method has been applied by some people and gave positive results, you should try it out!

How to lose weight balance banana is most effective

Eating bananas every day will help you lose weight safely

It is known that the Japanese were the first to create a method to reduce banana balance. This method comes from Sumiko Watanabe - A pharmacist from Osaka. She discovered the safe weight loss effect of bananas and applied it to her husband successfully. Mr. Hitoshi Watanabe - Sumiko's husband was able to lose 16.8kg in just a short time.  

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Banana has long been considered a "panacea" that is both good for health and used for beauty and weight loss. Bananas are rich in nutrients that help boost the metabolism, kill toxins and stimulate digestion, thereby helping to reduce fat effectively. Bananas are also rich in potassium, good for the heart. People with high blood pressure should eat 2 bananas a day because bananas help lower blood pressure.

Basically, if you eat bananas, your body will be fooled into having it full and not wanting to eat any more. Meanwhile, the metabolism is going strong, leaving you to burn fat without exercise.

Here is a menu for those who lose weight by bananas

Breakfast 2 bananas and 1 glass of warm water after waking up

This is an effective way to lose weight of Japanese people. Use 1 banana combined with 1 glass of warm water to help provide the most complete energy in the morning. After 30-60 minutes, you should eat one more banana to avoid hunger.

Lunch to eat a banana before eating the main diet

Pay attention to reducing 30% of the main diet compared to the usual meal. Avoid starvation, you should eat one more banana and do not use any other foods, even healthy snacks.

How to lose weight balance banana is most effective

Dinner to eat a banana before meals

According to scientific research, dinner should take place at 6 o'clock is the most reasonable. Eat a banana before meals to reduce cravings and reduce your main serving by 30%. Limit desserts, sweets or carbohydrates to make weight loss more effective.

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Losing weight with bananas gives you the perfect physique

Besides, you should also note a few things if you want the banana weight loss process to be successful and safe:

Following this diet does not mean that you completely replace the meals of the day with bananas.

- Only eat bananas until you feel enough, then drink another cup of warm water to prevent dehydration.

- Don't stay up too late and get enough 8 hours of sleep to help your body stay healthy.

- Do not eat bananas chilled because it is easy to lead to intestinal cold, affecting the function of the stomach.

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